All-Stars Update

Week of September 12th- September 16th

Weekly Newsletter

Hello All-Star Families!

Take a look at what is happening in our classroom:

Math: We just took our first Math End of Module Assessment. They have done a great job! The 5th grade team has purchased, through an outside resource, classwork and homework that is set up exactly like the test to prepare for each End of Module Assessment. This will help them prepare for what is expected. They will get back the tests on Tuesday and be asked to complete test corrections and get a guardian signature by Thursday. Today, the students will login to Zearn This is an online resource that guides the students through the math lesson plan by guiding them through questions and practice on the computer. Ask your child to show you the site this weekend!

Here is the link with all of the lesson videos:

Science: The class will receive the Science Test Study Guide on Monday. They will complete it throughout the week and be tested on Friday, September 23rd.

Writing: We are almost done with our narrative Essays! Next week we will be finalizing our stories. The stories are on Google Docs, so you may look at them at home if they login to their google account.

Reading: We finished Home of the Brave this week! WE will continue to do readers workshop and on Tuesday, we will begin Bud Not Buddy.

Social Studies: Next week, the class will continue to work on their Native American Project that will be completed on Google Docs through Google Classroom in class.

Homework & Behavior Slips: If a student did not complete a homework assignment, they will receive a green homework slip on Friday. They will need to bring it back to me on Monday signed. I accept all late work. This slip is simply a reminder of something that has yet to be turned in. If someone gets a homework slip, and does not bring it on Monday, I will send their parent an email.

*ALL students will receive a behavior slip showing where their clip ended on our clip chart next week 9/23. This does not need to be signed.

Events Going on Next Week:

9/21- Bike Rodeo

9/22- Field Trip to the Blackhawk Museum

FYI- I will be out next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am attending a Reader's and Writer's Workshop Training in Oakland and at the District Office.

Walker Creek

Thank you for those who attended the Walker Creek Information Meeting on Wednesday. If you did not attend, your child took home a "Payment Plan" envelope on Thursday. The first payment is due 9/19. You may also pay in full on or before 12/12. Parent information packets will be sent out in November. Please fill out the following form is you haven't already. This is the same form that I emailed on Wednesday.