Green Town

Daily Newspaper -1928

Character Spotlight - Douglas

1.Have you ever thought about leaving Green Town?

Douglas : No I haven't, I love this town.

2.What do you think about your brother Tom?

Douglas : I think my brother Tom is very curious about many things and that sure can talk a bunch.

3.Have you ever tried to fight Tom?If so why?

Douglas : Yes I have fought him and the reason was because he was getting me very annoyed.

4.What do you think the ravine in your town represents?

Douglas : To me the ravine represents a war between man and nature.

5.What word would you describe your town?

Douglas : Different.

6.What is the difference between the 2 sections in your notebook?

Douglas : Rites & Ceremonies section are the things they do every summer over & over and Discoveries & Revelations section are his thoughts on the things that they do over and over again. The why's/what's those things mean.

What's Cooking? - Banana Milkshake

What you'll need - a blender, sugar, milk, sliced banana & ice.

  1. Put the ice in the blender
  2. Add the milk
  3. Add the slices of banana
  4. Add 4tsps of sugar
  5. BLEND
  6. Enjoy your milkshake


Douglas felt that something was going to happen. The day started off with his father, Tom, and him going to the forest to collect Fox Grapes. Douglas is very uneasy as they are working. His father warns them about bees. Tom began to talk about several lists of different experinces he has gone through. Tom describes a snow flake that he is keeping in the ice box.

Douglas realizes that he is feeling "alive". He never felt this way before. Tom asks what's wrong. Douglas grabs him and they begin going down the hill. Both ,with minor injuries, are still happy.


The weather for today will be mostly sunny. With the least percentage of precipitation. The lowest temperature will be 70 and the highest will be 80.