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Newsletter 23rd June 2022


Term 2 has been very busy with lots of activities and work output by the students. It is so good to see our students back engaging in their learning, sports, and Kapa Haka.

We have done particularly well with our sports results over the last few weeks. This week I watched two of the Year 7 and 8 netball teams, both rugby teams, our Year 9-13 Mixed Hockey team and junior basketball play. Students gain so much out of playing sports. Friendship, teamwork skills, resilience and manaakitanga are all part of developing a young person with the skills, attributes and values for life beyond school.


Our senior students participated in some practice external and internal assessments during assessment week. These were carried out in the hall to give the students more practice of what it is like to sit external examinations at the end of the year. They were also an opportunity to learn from them and develop next steps in their learning journey.

Our Junior Kapa Haka group continues to practice for our Kapa Haka festival which is to be held at Wairoa College this year during Term 3.

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Next week we have parent teacher interviews. Over the last four years the number of caregivers attending has increased substantially each year strengthening our community connections. Parents gain a bit more insight into where their child's learning is at this stage of the year. I am very pleased with the progress most students are making in their learning although some will need to be more focussed in Term 3 if they are to achieve their goals. During the end of term break students need to make sure they have completed all assignments and are ready to work very hard during Term 3. When we start Term 3 there is only 12 weeks left of the academic year before some seniors are on examination leave.

Lots of information is posted almost daily for Year 12 and 13 regarding career and university information on our TEAMS site. Students have been shown by Mr Westwood how to access this information. It is important that students look at this information so they are well informed and do not miss deadlines for university, hostel and scholarship applications.

Ngā mihi nui

Mrs Jo-Anne Vennell

Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Term 2 progress reports will be distributed to students on Tuesday 28th June. A copy of the report will also be emailed to whanau if we have an email address on record for you.

Teaching staff will be available to meet with whanau to discuss the learning progress on Thursday 30th June, 3.30 – 6.00 pm. All interviews will take place in the School Hall.

As is in the past we will be using an online booking system to make interview appointments. To book interviews click on the link below:


Alternatively, visit www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the event code: 3ezgw

You can also phone the school office to have bookings made for you if you are having difficulty accessing the booking site.


As the term draws to a close, it has been great to reflect on the multitude of activities that the Year 7 and 8 students have participated in this term. It is important that we allow our students to experience activities across all areas of the curriculum.

Ms Kirby’s 7R Class

7R is taught by Ms Kirby and our Teacher Aide, Ms Edwards. A small class of 15 students, that includes six of the Year 7 Leaders, we get involved in a wide range of activities here at Wairoa College. At the moment we are working with Year 11 students, learning how to play Ki O Rahi ready for the Matariki Sports Festival. We have also been practising our Rippa Rugby skills and working on our values of Aumangea ( Resilience) and Manaakitanga (Caring for each student). We love sport and on Thursday lunchtimes have the opportunity to join our Senior Leaders trying out new sports , such as volleyball in the gym.

In class we have been learning all about Honey Bees and even got to make honey bubble slice as part of this unit. This term we are reading the novel “Hatchet” together and making connections with our own experiences in the bush or hunting for kai. In Mathematics, we have also learned how to follow directions, read coordinates and grid references so hopefully we could find our way if we got lost! We are now learning different ways of telling the time and how to measure different things. We are also practising hard, learning our bracket for the Kapa Haka Festival at the end of next term.

Whaea Ngapera Year 7 & 8 Bilingual Class

He maha ngā kaupapa e ako ana ngā tauira I tēnei tau ki roto ia Emarina me Te Akamatua. Ko tētahi o ngā tino Akoranga ko te ako ki tētahi

Pepeha Pōhewa. Anei ētahi tauira o ngā mahi kua mahia.


Kia mārama te titiro ki runga o “Whakapunake” e

whakarongo ake ki ngā hau o te rangi e!

Ka whai te kēkeno ki te awa nui o “Wairoa Hōpupu Hōnengenenge Matangirau”, e pūwawau nei ki waho ki Te Moana nui, Te Moana roa, Te Moana a Toi te Huatahi e!

Kia Tū tangata whenua ahau ki toku Marae ko “Ruataniwha”!

Tū mai e koro, e kui “Te Poho o Rīria” te mana tawhito o tuawhakarere!

Whakatau mai “Te Omana” te pātaka kai a te Iwi e!

Nga uri o “Te Kapua matotoru”!

Ko “Ngāti Kahungunu” taku taura ihorei, taku mana tuku iho.

Ka hoe tahi ki runga o te waka o “Takitimu”!

Ka puta ki te whai ao ki te ao marama e, kokiri.

Na Kingston Edwards. (Tau whitu)


Tū ana ahau ki te tihi tapu o tōku Maunga ko ‘Moumoukai’ e whakarongo ki ngā hau o te rangi e!

Tuku tonu, heke tonu te au nui, te au roa, te au māreparepa o ‘Nuhaka’! Ko taku awa tēnei.

Rere tika ki ‘Manutai’ marae te hekenga o te roimata me te hūpē mō taku rau tītapu e!

Tū mai e koro / e kui ‘Manutai’ te mana tawhito o tuawhakarere!

Te tari o te ora ‘Hine ahi’ tēnā koe

Ko ‘Ngai te kauaha’ e tau nei.

Ko ‘Ngāti Rakaipaaka’ he pou whenua, he pou tangata!

Hoe ana I te waka o ‘Takitimu’!

Na Elana Tahuri. (Tau whitu)

Mrs Pollock's 7 & 8K Class

In Term 2, N3 studied the First World War and in particular the conflict in ANZAC Cove Gallipoli. The focus of discussion was based around what it would have been like living in New Zealand during this time period, when loved ones were away fighting overseas. How might everyday lives have been affected?

Students learnt about the roles of women at home and how life changed for them having to take on jobs usually filled by men. We learnt about how children’s lives were affected by schools closing due to teachers fighting overseas and children having to take on extra responsibilities at home such as child care and household chores.

Writing a story from the perspective of someone else is tricky, however we worked really hard on our writing and we are really proud to say that two of our stories were recognised in the District Schools ANZAC writing competition placing first overall and third in the Year 7 and 8 section. Below are our winning ANZAC Letters. Enjoy.

Nurses letter home.


Dear Henry Dear my beloved Henry,

It's great to be writing to you. It’s hard to sleep at night and it’s stressful without enough supplies or enough meals. It’s too hot to be working in the hot boiling sun with my crisp white and blue gown. When I see all the soldiers coming in, my hands start to shake and my forehead gets sweaty. More than 2 bombs went off this morning and all I could think about was you. A soldier came in with a smashed knee and a fractured leg. He also has a wounded foot. It was so bad that his leg had to get amputated. At least the ANZAC biscuits stayed fresh and delicious. 19.5.1914 I’m being sent home in 5 weeks. Can't wait to see your face. We’re running out of large bandages for the wounded soldiers. Finally I got a good amount of sleep with no interuptions. But tonight I'm working from 3.pm till 3.am. My favourite meal to get me through the long working hours is the mutton stew and the suet pudding. A soldier came in with influenza virus but it was too late. It's hard everyday and doesn't get better but I'm doing it for the country. My hands are sore and my back is aching. All I hear is yelling from the soldiers and gun shots from the battle. I taste worry in my mouth all the time. Love you and can't wait to see you when I see you. Maheno Hospital Ship. ANZAC Cove

Logan Pitman Year 7 Wairoa College

The letters

8 April 1915 12.06pm

Dear James,

My husband. Dear oh dear, life is not the same. I'm feeling so gloomy without you here. The children are now doing all the work at home. Since no one teaches them, the schools are now closed. All of the women are now taking any jobs they can get and starting the factories up. It's glorious but lonely. Carol and Joseph are doing a very good job at cooking since I'm coming home late. There are a few times it might be a bit burnt but we're having a lovely time. I'm crying at night just thinking of you. Oh gosh I hope you are alright! You were always the one to make us laugh. Sending my love, Mary 5 months later. After a long time travelling on carts and boats, The letters finally arrives just to find itself in a wounded man's hands. Laid out on a stretcher with a nurse by his side. But he was so happy to see a letter from his wife. 12 September 1915 2.45am Dear Mary, my wife, It's been so long since I've seen your face. Glad the kids are doing just fine, and you too. Don't worry about me, I'll be alright, the nurses will help me get better. I still carry the picture from when we first met around in my pocket watch. I look at it every time I feel down, which is a lot. I'm trying to bring some life to the men out here. I have to go back to war soon. The sunsets are so beautiful out here yet you can barely see it through the smoke. You wouldn't want to see the body pit, poor Gerald is down there, what a good man he was. Love you to, James As Mary held two letters in her hand one from her husband sent on the 12 September and one from the General sent on the 14 September. She didn't want to open either; she knew what had happened. She kneeled down and cried. 12 September 8.54am. When James died As the men were getting ready, they heard a sudden bang. One of the men from the trench had fallen. Then another, and another. Then suddenly, black. James saw nothing. He only felt a slight heave of him falling into the pit. His life had come to an end.

By Milla Rudd Wairoa College, year 7.

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Ms Loffler's 8R Class

This term classroom N7 Year 8 students with Ms Loffler have been learning reading skills through the unit Migrants and Movement. The students have thoroughly enjoyed this unit, they have learnt about the voyages from the Pacific to Aotearoa, the first refugees to arrive in New Zealand and understanding different people from different cultures have moved to NZ either because they wanted a different way of life, or were forced to leave their countries due to war or strife. Our students learnt about different countries, their cultures and they became culturally aware of people's differences and beliefs. The important skill that is utilised in this learning was synthesising. Synthesising a text is a process of pulling together background knowledge, newly learned ideas, connections, inferences and summaries into a complete and original understanding of the topic.

Students engaged in this learning and did exceptionally well with their work. We will be finishing off the unit with a special lunch at the end of the term with some foods from the different countries that were studied.

10Os Conflict Activities

Students from Year 10 classes participating in their Cross Curricular activities. These activities are part of our study of Conflict. Participating in a range of activities to build resilience, Kotahitanga and Manakitanga along with de-escalating conflict before it gets out of hand are just some of the understandings being developed. Each group of Year 10 students spent two periods under the instruction of Service Academy Leaders, doing drills and activities (including log carrying) designed to support these understandings.

Year 10 Service Academy Class

Booze Bus

The Police Impairment Prevention Vehicles (Booze Buses) were here on the grounds on Thursday lunchtime. We were fortunate to have members of the Police Education Team, Road Safe Hawkes Bay and Regional Council staff - all were running activities designed to raise awareness of safe driving and in particular not drinking and driving. The activities also demonstrated how important it was to avoid distractions such as cell phones while driving. Students appreciated the time and energy of the presenters and appreciated the prizes !!

Gateway Programme

We are very grateful to local farmer Sefton Alexander who has given D'Magio Karangaroa the opportunity to do a Gateway Programme through the Primary ITO to work alongside his team of workers on Wai Station one day a week. Wai Station is a 1280ha farm that breeds beef/ sheep and runs a finishing operation with Farmers Air involvement. D'Magio is in great hands and we know he will enjoy his learning experience.

Ryka Swann has been given the opportunity to complete a BCITO Gateway Programme working one day a week along side Steve Kendall and his team of experienced skilled builders who provide services for the Wairoa District. The team provide all types of building, no job is too big or too small. We are very grateful to Steve and his team and we know Ryka will also enjoy his learning experience.

Eastern Institute of Technology: Study Programmes & Courses

Every Friday keen students wake up early to travel to Gisborne to attend Trades at the EIT campus. The Trades Academy provides students with an opportunity to try out a vocational pathway that they may be interested in. They get a taste of what a job may be like and get a hands on experience. Its great to see students engaging in these activities and enjoying what they are doing.

Robina Pene, a Year 12 student is enjoying her learning process of rebuilding a buggy that she had previously dismantled in her Automotive course. Kehu Morrell, also a Year 12 student, is enjoying plating up a delicious Thai Beef Salad in his hospitality course.

Students Lexus Te Kahu-Brown and Rhythm Jury demonstrating a willingness to learn, develop and improve their skills in their Hair and Beauty Course run at the EIT campus in Gisborne. It was a wonderful surprise to see Wairoa local Colleen Wesche getting pampered by Rythem Jury under the watchful eye of her daughter who is an EIT tutor Maraea Wesche.


On Saturday 12 June we braved the cold and headed to the hills of Central Hawkes Bay to the Smedley Station Open Day. Tom Kerley, Ryka Swann and Breannah Clough were able to have a good look around the shearing sheds, stables and yards and found out what you need to be a farming cadet.

Outward Bound Trip to Anakiwa

Kefir Kirwan & Tahlia Eriha headed off to Outward Bound in Anakiwa for 21 days. This trip is for students transitioning in a leadership role in Year 12 or 13. It helps them understand what it means to become a leader and work as part of a team. They learn how to inspire others and be a great role models. Life long friendships and networks with other young leaders from schools across New Zealand are made. Some of the activities include off-track tramping, camping outside (sometimes alone), whitewater and surf kayaking, running, sailing, swimming, rock climbing and high-ropes.

School Nurse

Kia ora Wairoa College Whanau

Ko Sue Marshall ahau. I am the Wairoa College School based Nurse and along with Nurse Lois Dawson - Mikaere from Hastings, provide confidential services for rangatahi several days a week at school.

This term, with other members of the Public Health Team, Delta Robinson and Val Brownlie, we have been running school-based vaccination clinics. This has been for Boostrix vaccination for year 7 rangatahi to protect against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough), and building on previous childhood vaccinations. And, vaccination for HPV for year 8 rangatahi, to protect against cervical cancer in young women and other cancers and genital warts in young men and women.

Thank you to whanau who have returned forms. We are offering one further vaccination clinic before the end of term. Please return forms whether you consent or don’t consent to your young person having the vaccination. For further information please contact the school office.

Ng Mihi

Sue and Lois



Week 6

  • E Grade Rugby v Napier Boys White Win 35 - 26

  • First XV Rugby v Te Aute College Draw 15 - 15

  • 7 & 8 Jetz Netball v Eastern Zone Loss 3 - 5

  • 7 & 8 Te Aka Matua Netball v William Colenso Win 19 - 5

  • Year 10s Netball v Iona Win 22 - 20

  • Senior Mixed Netball v Havelock Year 13 Win 28 - 26

  • 7 & 8 Basketball Dolphins v EZ Swish Win 32 - 29

  • Junior Boys Basketball v Napier Boys 10s Win 40 - 31

  • Senior Boys Basketball v Napier Boys White Win 78 - 26

  • Mixed Hockey v Taradale Win 4 - 0

Week 7

  • E Grade Rugby v Lindersfarne - Loss 12 - 24

  • First XV Rugby v Lindersfarne - Win 20 - 5

  • 7 & 8 Jetz Netball v Starz - Win to Jetz

  • 7 & 8 Te Aka Matua Netball v Maraenui Tahi - Win 20 - 3

  • Senior Mixed Netball v Havelock North Social - Won by default

  • Junior Boys Basketball v St Johns Yr9 - Win 58 - 56

  • Senior Boys Basketball v Havelock North - Win 52 - 36

  • 7 & 8 Hockey v Gisborne Intermediate - Win 10 - 0

  • Mixed Hockey v Napier Boys - Win 8 - 0

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Mahaki Tahuri, Swayde Paea and Nate Douglas were selected to represent Wairoa at the recent Te Ika A Maui - North Island Mens Netball Cllub Champs held over Queen's Birthday Weekend at Cambridge High School. They were part of a team which played in the B Grade and were runners up. This was an awesome opportunity to showcase not only Wairoa but our rangatahi as well.

Soccer Squad

Our fantastic Year 10 squad players Kaydin Edwards, Shahwaiz Mohammed and Hunter Rangi.

These boys have stepped up from school football and are now important squad players for Wairoa Athletic Men's team. They are gaining invaluable experience in playing at the open age level and have shown signs of steady improvement over the course of the season so far. Mr Westwood (pictured with the boys) says that it's a delight to be playing alongside these youngsters and to see their development. He adds that they never miss a training session and are always super keen to learn about the beautiful game. They are laying a good foundation for the Athletic club.

Paul Westwood

Deputy Principal

Hawkes Bay Basketball Under 15 Rep Team Tournament

Vahn Forrest-Solomon travelled to Whanganui over the long weekend. A few teams had to pull out with covid issues but they played 3 great games winning 2 and 1 loss.




Ngati Kahungunu U18 Wahine League Team

Congratulations Heritage Poipoi on making the Ngati Kahungunu U18 Wahine League Team.

The Spirit of Adventure

On April 29th I took off with 38 strangers from across New Zealand and Australia on a sailboat for 10 days. Over those 10 days, these people became my family, with no contact with people from outside the boat we quickly developed a bond with each other. We were put in situations that challenged our communication and leadership skills, from learning the ropes of the ship to paddling in a life raft in pitch black. Whilst the trip challenged me it was also one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about myself and developed skills I thought I would never have. I have made friends who I hope to keep for life and memories I will treasure forever. The spirit of Adventure is an amazing experience I could not recommend more. I would like to thank Mahia Boating and Fishing club for sponsoring me to go on this life changing experience.

Nga Mihi Aaron Crayford

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Upcoming Events

  • Service Academy Bushcraft Trip - Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July
  • Mates n Dates Year 11 & 12 - Tuesday 28 June
  • Smashed & Smart Programme - Tuesday 28 June
  • Te Manu Taiako Massey University Trip - Wednesday 29 June
  • Parent / Teacher Evening - Thursday 30 June
  • Trades Academy EIT Gisborne - Friday 1 July
  • Mates n Dates Year 11 & 12 - Tuesday 5 July
  • Last Day of Term 2 - Thursday 7 July (Teacher Only Day Friday 8 July)
  • Term 3 Begins - Monday 25 July