Local Committee Meeting Output

MADathon Delivery Team application.

How did you like the Local Committee Meeting?

Did you like it?

Suggestions and feedback are welcome with open arms :D

Oops. I missed the LCM what do i do?

Hey, no worries. The output of the LCM is given below. Hope you like it and learn from it.
LCM Output

The Metrics to WIN the RnR Titanium campaign!

The metrics to win prizes is very simple. If you achieve in between 90%-100% of your Job Description, YOUR behaviour as an AIESEC'er and any other exceptional work YOU will be Rewarded and Recognised.


Thats not all guess what?

We would like to release applications for The Delivery Team of MADathon!

Its going to be a brilliant experience. For further queries regarding the same contact Narayanan, Vice President Business Development.

Note : The application is in the image below. Click on it to fill the application. The application can be filled within the mailer itself.