The most beautiful country in Europe

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Switzerland's culture

Switzerland has many different, interesting and cool cultures.

Switzerland is wealthier than other countries. It is well educated and has valuable services. 40% of the population lives in farm areas (usually on the side of mountains and in valleys), while the other 68% of the population lives in cities like Bern. Of the 40% of the population that live in farming areas only 6% of them actually farm. In Switzerland no matter where you live you get free health care. If you are looking to find a job in Switzerland you are probably going to get one because the unemployment rate is very low. (3.2%)

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People have lived in Switzerland for about 50,000 years. Switzerland used to be under control of powerful tribes from Germany. After many years of foreign rule, Rome came and took control of Switzerland from Germany. Years later when the Romans left Switzerland to protect their homeland. Germany and France came back to Switzerland to take control again, and that is why you will hear some people speaking French and German in towns. The Swiss flag originates from the middle ages after Switzerland gained independence from the German empire. Today Switzerland is a safe place to live and is open to the public. Switzerland's history is long and colorful.

Tourism and Activities

Switzerland has many fun, interesting, and beautiful things to see, explore, and have fun with. The Swiss alps are the most visited areas of Switzerland. They have beautiful scenery and hiking paths. Many cities in Switzerland, like Zurich, have many things for tourists to do and different foods and festivals. Schnapps theater is one of the most visited theaters in Switzerland. Switzerland also has many different exciting festivals and delicious food. One of the festivals is Kussnacht where people celebrate by jingling bells and cracking whips. Switzerland is a very exciting place that everyone should experience.

Geography and Landmarks

The Swiss alps have some of the most beautiful sights and peaks (like Verbier) in the world. The Viamala is a deep ravine on the path to the alps. Children between 7-12 can get a “treasure card” and can explore the canyon and discover its mysteries. The Seeberg Lake is at the end of a valley on the near a mountain. The beauty of the lake attracts hikers and bikers. In the summer you can rent a cabin next to the lake. Another attraction and peak is Dent Blanche which is a beautiful mountain range filled with wild flowers and paths to the top of the peak. The geography in Switzerland is beautiful.


The weather in Switzerland is usually calm and nice. The temperature is usually 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and in the winter it’s usually 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather differs between the mountains and the middelland. The middelland is the land that is not in the mountains. The seasons are very distinct.

Switzerland has many tourism activities, fun activities to do, and so much more! Come and enjoy it your self!

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