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Principal's Message

Welcome to March, everyone. It seems that as soon as the February break is over, the year picks up speed and things at school become very busy. Now that most restrictions have been lifted, we are able to do much more than we have been able to in the past couple years and that is very exciting to all of us!

Many thanks to all the parents who came to help out our with our skating program. It was so nice being able to offer this to our students again and we couldn't have done it without all those who volunteered to tie skates, transport equipment, and help out on the ice.

We also had a very successful ski trip for our grades 4-6 students. Many thanks to Shila Provost and Alicia Earl for organizing this event and to all the parents who helped out. Thanks also to Angie Seaman for coming and helping out with our trip. It was such a wonderful day and it was so awesome to see so many big smiles on kids having fun. Those grades 4-6 students who didn’t go on the ski trip also had a fun day doing such things as going to the youth centre and doing some cool art projects.

Aside from the ski trip, March is bringing along many other exciting activities. Our students enjoyed our “Mission Impossible - Floor is Lava” obstacle course that some of our older students and Mrs. Dawson created in the gym. Students had so much fun with this that we are hoping to do it again later in the year. On March 10, our school will be holding an “Olympic/Paralympic” activity day which will have another bunch of fun Olympic type activities for students. We are still in need of many more volunteers to help run our Olympic day if you’re willing and able to join us. Use the link to sign up or email for more information or to volunteer. We will also be having our second annual “One School One Book” project starting on March 21, bringing the fun of reading and literacy across our whole school. Starting on March 28, Trickster Theater will be coming in to do a one-week artist-in-residency with our students . This is always a highlight of the year for everyone. As well as all these activities, we also have badminton club starting up after school and dodgeball intramurals for students in grades 4-6.

By now, all parents of students in grades 4-6 should have received an Assurance Measures survey from Alberta Education. As part of our planning process, we use all sorts of data to help map out what we need to do to optimize the education of our VPE students and this survey is an important tool for us. We sincerely hope that you take a few minutes to complete the survey as many important decisions are made from this data and your voice is important. Students in grades 4-6 will also be completing the survey as will teachers so we have a complete picture of how we are doing.

Our parent-teacher interviews will be held March 9 and 10 from 4:00 to 6:30 pm. If you haven’t had a chance to book an appointment yet, the link to book them can be found on our school website as well as on our Facebook page.

This year, we have started our school-wide social/emotional learning PATHS Program. There are 3 basic foundations to this program. One foundation is the teaching of emotions where students learn how to accurately identify and articulate their emotions, especially if those feelings are uncomfortable. Another foundation is self-regulation - learning effective ways to calm down and solve problems The third foundation of our program is the PATHS Kid of the Day. Each day, a student in each class is chosen to be the PATHS Kid where they receive compliments from their class. This school-wide program allows us to have consistent approaches and language and ties nicely into our Restorative Practices model.

We look forward to all the awesome activities coming up this month and hope to see you in our school for some of them. Have a great March!

Tracy Inaba, B.Ed., M.Ed.

Kindergarten News

Skating was so much fun! The children should be so very proud of themselves for their perseverance and positive attitude during skating. It was heartwarming to see the stronger skaters encouraging and helping the new skaters. It was a wonderful opportunity for those who had never had a chance to try skating. Our skating time could not have happened without our awesome parent volunteers. A big thank you to Amy, Josh, Katrina, Sarah, Shelbi, Wendy and some parents of the class who skated before us. We don’t want to start naming them as I might miss someone.

Kindergarten has started some guided reading lessons. We have been practicing pointing under the words working from left to right. We are looking at the picture and the beginning letter of words to help us read. Home reading will be coming home with kindergarten very soon where the children can continue to practice these skills and more.

Kindergarten is learning a new math game this week called Trash. The children will have a chance to teach their family the trash game during parent/teacher conferences next week. In kindergarten our parent/teacher conferences will be child led conferences. We hope that all kindergarten families will sign up. The children love being the teacher and leading their family through a few activities.

What's New in Grade 1/2

February Fun

The grade 1-2 students had a major milestone to celebrate in the month of February: 100 day!!! The students had an activity filled day while celebrating the number 100! Some of the activities included making 100 day crowns and necklaces with 100 froot loops; mystery pictures; 100 second activities and taking pictures to see what they would look like when they are 100 years old! Thank you for sending in the 100 collections - it was fun comparing them.

It is so rewarding at this time of year as we really see the students taking off in their reading and writing skills. They are working hard to use their strategies to read and spell harder words. We appreciate the support from home in reading regularly with your child.

Math has us working with strategies such as making tens and doubles to solve problems. We have learned various games to play to help us learn our basic facts. We love hearing how our little mathematicians solve math problems!

We are gearing up for a busy month of March and we are looking forward to the arrival of spring!

Grade 3 Update

February has flown by in grade 3. This month we enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing Valentine’s with our classmates. We also liked the special Valentine themed activities we did in class. This month we also learned about Pink Shirt Day and we all wore pink shirts. In writing we are working on our information writing skills. We write about topics we know lots about. In math we have just started working on our multiplication facts. This month in science we wrapped up our unit on structures and building. We loved this unit and the problem solving challenges we were given. We experimented to see which materials made good joiners and which shape could hold the most mass. In gym class we were able to go to the skating rink and take part in skating. Everyone loved doing this and our beginner skaters showed huge improvement in their abilities. Thank you to all the parents who helped make this program a success. Also, in gym Auburn Phillips, our Making Connections worker came in and taught us some yoga poses. We had fun trying to bend in different ways. In art with Mrs. Helland we did a really cool project for our artist study where we used tissue paper to paint. We are looking forward to all the activities coming up in March.

Grade 4/5 News


In Language Arts we have been learning how to write persuasive writing pieces. We learned how to write paragraphs, introductions, conclusions, transition words, how to state our opinions, how to revise our work and edit. This was the perfect unit to be studying during our Leadership Market as it helped us know how to write convincing speeches. We also learned that the way we present our writing also helps to persuade people so we have been practising how to present our writing. To help us improve our spelling about to start working on word sorts.


We have been doing a lot of reading this year either on our own during silent reading or with a group during guided reading. We have worked very hard and several groups are close to finishing their first novel. After we finish reading we answer comprehension questions to help us make deeper connections to the book. We also sometimes try to figure out words we don’t know the meaning of by looking at clues in the sentence it is in.


In science, we have been learning about electricity. It has been so much fun to conduct experiments that have helped us learn more about what electricity is, what types of circuits there are, what a conductor and insulator is, what resistors are and how magnetism and electricity are linked. One of our favourite experiments made a pickle glow! It was also really fun to have Mr. Dyck show us more about how circuits work when he brought in his electric guitar and amp!


In Math, we just finished learning about measuring area and perimeter. We practiced doing this with both regular and irregular shapes. We are just starting to learn how to measure volume and will soon be able to estimate, record and use the correct unit of measurement.

Grade 6 Scoop


By Amelia

This is definitely going to be fun to tell you all about Trickster!

Trickster is a fun theater group that comes to our school some years, usually about every second year.

Janey Akitt, a grade six student, said “I think it is fun and awesome!”. JJ, another grade sixer said “It's a nice thing so we can learn.”

Here is some information about Trickster. Everyone in the school can participate if they want to and it is a play it is fantastic. It is a learning experience and the teachers love it.

Now they are coming here from March 28th-April 1st, so in less than one month!

For more information about Trickster check out their website

We hope you will be able to come and join us when we celebrate “Vulcan: Forever Fantastic!”

Pink Shirt day

By Hannah

Pink shirt day is celebrated all around Canada and the world.

This year VPE students and staff celebrated Pink Shirt Day. They celebrated Pink Shirt Day on Friday,February 18 2022. The students and staff of VPE celebrate Pink Shirt Day because a kid wore a pink shirt to school and he got made fun of and these 2 kids saw that he was getting bullied so they went out and bought pink shirts for everyone and wore them the next day to prevent the bullies from bullying the kid. Everybody wore pink shirts to school. A grade 6 student named Janey Akitt exclaimed “ I think that it is a good concept and I think that everyone should do it.”

All of the kids in VPE drew on these paper pink shirts then when everyone was done they hung them up around the school.

For more information check out

I hope that you celebrate Pink Shirt Day too.

Leadership Market

By: Mya G

Planted pots, signs, art and much more the leadership market is so much fun and a great way to raise money for charity.

For seven years the Grade 5/6 students at VPE have made homemade items to sell. Before Covid the students set up tables in the foyer to sell their items to other students but with the cohorts this year and last year we sold them on the VPE Facebook page and they made the most money in 2021 that they had any other year. They have have the leadership market to raise money for charity half the money every year goes to a charity of the Grade 5/6 chose in previous years the charity has been Foothills hospital, Cancer Society, Kidsport, and this year half the money went to Heaven Can Wait which is a animal charity. They usually hold the leadership market in the middle of February. This year they made a remarkable amount of $1275.

´´ It is always a lot of fun and a great way to make money for charity and the other half that goes to a special activity for the students,¨ quoted grade six student JJ.

Click on this link so you don't miss any important events happening at VPE. They look forward to having the leadership market for many years to come. If you bought items they really appreciate your support if not make sure and check it out next year.



People enjoy poems,

On the look for ideas,

Exciting as Christmas,

My lovely poems!

Have you ever read a poem by William Shakespeare? Well in the gr.6 they are writing poems. Plus they are writing them to some of their pen pals. There are different types of poems, but here’s some that the grade 6 learned- Haiku, Acrostic , Free verse , Shape poem and Diamantes.

I was telling you about the pen pals. On the last page they wrote a poem about something that they like or at least something. On the next thing they are going to write in narrative writing.

Grade 6 Hannah said “It is good education and it will help you so then you can write to write to others”

Hope you learned something about poems and start reading about them.

Dodgeball Intramurals

By Grace R

Can everyone dodge these flying balls? Who can

climb to the top? Hey everyone, I'm here to tell you about VPE dodgeball intramurals.

The six teams were Blue boomers, Speedy silvers, the Green gorillas, Pink pepas, Indigo isabellas and the Magical madrigals

The six teams will fight to be the top. First up magical madrigals will fight the blue boomers. Here's a comment from a local student, Lucy Malmberg “I like dodgeball and I'm excited to see who wins.”

Everyone is excited to see who wins but who will win?

Big picture

School Council News

Huge Thank You to Shila Provost and Alicia Earl for organizing the Grade 4-6 ski trip along with Angie Seaman and all the parent volunteers. We had over 50+ kiddos participate with over 80% of the kids being first time skiers. Parent Council covered the cost of bussing and volunteer lift tickets

We are looking for a Super Star Parent to take on the role of Casino Coordinator to help us put on these great experiences. You will be expertly trained and supported and showered with admiration.

Please contact any board member or email

Tina Reimer – Chairperson, Mary Ann Fath- Vice Chair, Shila Provost – Treasurer, Nancy Nolan – Secretary, Marla Lovya – Casino Rep

Next Parent Council Meeting is Tuesday, March 22 At 6.30 pm

Big picture

With all the news of restrictions being lightened High River Lacrosse Association is excited for the 2022 season.

We invite all ages from 6 - 20 to participate in lacrosse, registration is open, and you can find more information about HRLA at

Winter Lacrosse is currently running, this is a great opportunity for your child to try lacrosse, if you don’t have a stick we have some available. We encourage you join us Thursday evenings at the Cargill Field House. Please check our website for Age Division times. Registration is $75.00 and drop in is $10.00/ night.

Conditioning & Practices start in March / April 2022 depending on which division your kids are in.

On April 1, 2022 we will also be joining the Calgary Roughnecks and volunteering our time to sell 50/50 tickets to raise money for HRLA. Please email if you would like to join us!

We will be kicking the season off with our annual Barnburner Tournament April 29,30 & May 1, 2022 where fun is had by all and we see teams from all over Alberta and British Columbia. It’s a weekend packed full of lacrosse, laughs, rekindling old friendships and making new ones.