Enrique's Journey

Catalina Arndt


Enrique's Journey is a heart felt non-fiction book that follows Enrique from Honduras through the dangers of mexico on the trains. He escapes la migra, bandits, and thugs. Enrique was left by his mother when he was just a little boy in kindergarten. As he gets older he looses hope that his mom will ever return or even loves him anymore!

Why You Should Read It!

You should read this book because it is a page turner that will make you not want to put it down! Enrique's Journey is unforgettable and heart stopping! I have also learned to appreciate small and big things in life! Things we just expect like family, friends, a bed to yourself, air conditioning, and plumbing!

The Author -Sonia Nazario

Sonia grew up in Argentina and in Kansas. She reported for the New York Times about Social issues. She then started writing books on the worlds most intractable problems. Sonia has won more then a dozen prizes! Enrique's Journey itself won three. She graduated Williams College and has a masters degree in Latin American studies that she got from the University of California, Berkeley.
One Book, One Denver 2012: Enrique's Journey