Autism Society

Central Wisconsin Chapter

About Us

  • We are a Chapter of the state of Wisconsin and at the National level
  • It is 100% volunteer
  • Dedicated to helping families affected with Autism
  • Always someone available to speak to
  • The agency started 12 years ago (became a part of the chapter for 10 years)
  • Let us be your first call!
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Services Provided

  • Information about Autism
  • Referrals
  • Monthly Support Group
  • Join Us in attending an Educational Seminar
  • Family Networking
  • Work with the Schools to get the most out of your child's I.E.P.
  • Wisconsin Facet
  • Agency Fundraisers
  • Fun Interactive Events for All Families

Funding of the Agency

  • Local Fundraisers throughout the year (Bowling for Autism)
  • Membership Dues (optional to be member)
  • Donations
  • Trig's Grocery Stores Program

Contact Information

Covers all of Wisconsin! Call or email us with ANY questions.
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