Karen Dilworth

Proud Mother

Karen Dilworth

Karen Dilworth was proud to have been a member of the local dental community for many years, and to have served several local practices as a Dental Assistant for over two decades.

Karen Dilworth - Educated and Experienced Dental Assistant

Karen Dilworth enjoyed the chance to provide comforting and caring dental services to numerous patients throughout her 20 year dental career, as well as to work alongside talented dental professionals who shared her love for and commitment to the health, welfare and comfort of every patient they served. Formerly an Assistant at the office of Dr. Albert Kaner D.D.S., the office of Dr. William and Therese Shortt D.D.S. and, most recently Brighton Family Dental, she is proud to have helped provide gentle and effective dental care to patients throughout the region.

Educated and trained in Dental Assisting at both the Livonia Career Center and at Schoolcraft College, Karen Dilworth continually demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her craft, as well as the willingness and desire to learn and adapt, throughout her career. She displayed significant skill in such areas as Sterilization, Impressions, Four-Handed Chairside Assisting, Charting, Temporary Crowns and more, and developed a strong proficiency in the use and applications of Digital X-Ray technology. She also obtained valuable experience and skill in the lab, learning about and fine-tuning her techniques involving custom trays, pouring and trimming models and lab tracker.

Karen Dilworth provided real value to every dental team she worked with, and consistently displayed the care, concern and devotion of a compassionate dental professional. Being a part of a quality dental team, and working with others who shared her commitment to oral health, provided Dilworth considerable satisfaction throughout her career, as well as great opportunity to help people in her community for more than two decades.

Karen Dilworth - A Balanced Life

Family has always been the highest priority and focus of Karen Dilworth’s life; something has been nearest to her heart from the very beginning. A proud mother of three and grandmother to two beautiful and exuberant granddaughters, Dilworth finds her strength in the people she cares about the most, and never hesitates to credit her loved ones for providing her the network of support and the foundation she needs to persevere and pursue her objectives.

A 30-year career professional, someone who is proud to have served as both a caring Dental Assistant and Skilled Office Manager at various points in her work history, Karen Dilworth continues to value the time she spends with family above all else. The survivor of a recent and potentially fatal car accident, Dilworth found the strength she needed to overcome multiple injuries, and to even pull through a 6 ½ week coma, through the continued love and care of her daughters and granddaughters. Now seeking to return to the professional sphere, she faces each new day with hope and optimism, looking forward to once again achieving the career success she enjoyed for so long.

Karen Dilworth finds solace in the sport of boating, and loves to journey to Kelly’s Island and Putt In Bay, both in Ohio, whenever she has the opportunity. She also finds relaxation in the art of cooking, which provides her the chance to prepare and enjoy well-prepared and delicious meals with her family. Dilworth likes to read, to express herself through painting, and to root on her Wolverines whenever she can, and will never miss the chance to hit the trails aboard a snowmobile.

Karen Dilworth - The Art of Cooking

The art of cooking continues to challenge and inspire Karen Dilworth, who enjoys what is often a fantastic array of possibilities that comes with the preparation of a delicious and satisfying meal for her family. Cooking not only provides her the chance to prepare meals for her daughters and granddaughters, but to also explore her creative side, and to work towards the creation of an exciting and flavorful new dish that delights the taste buds and leaves her family beckoning for more.

Karen Dilworth has had the opportunity to work on and perfect her art for culinary delights for much of her life, particularly as a mother who raised three daughters on a 10 acre spread in the community of Howell, Michigan. Born in Detroit and raised in Livonia, Dilworth was counted on to keep her children well-nourished and happy, and spent much of her time preparing culinary delights for her family at every available opportunity.

Karen Dilworth enjoys learning how to prepare and create new dishes, and to see the excitement and anticipation of those hungry for something tasty and original. A dedicated mother and grandmother, Dilworth finds not only an avenue of creative expression in the kitchen, but also the strong sense of satisfaction that comes from providing food and warmth to those she loves the most.

Dilworth also enjoys a good book, spending time in the garden and painting in her free time. She never misses the chance to boat to the islands in Ohio, or to spend the day water skiing with her friends and family.

Karen Dilworth - A Future Career in Nursing

Karen Dilworth is no stranger to helping people, having not only served countless patients as a caring dental assistant for over 20 years, but having also contributed much of her time and energy to the sponsorship of individuals struggling to cope with and overcome the challenges of a dangerous substance addiction. A compassionate and caring individual with ample experience working in a professional dental environment, Dilworth now seeks to someday enter the field of nursing, and to provide the same level of care, concern and focus to in-need patients at a local or nearby hospital.

Karen Dilworth, a mother of three and grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters, enjoys caring for people, and takes advantage of any opportunity to add real value to their lives. As she knows, the nursing profession offers people the chance to do just that; to deliver help to people struggling with a difficult ailment, and to be of service to a variety of people in need of a helping hand or the warmth of a caring professional. Dedicated and compassionate, Dilworth knows how integral nurses are to both the function of a medical environment, and to the care of its patients, and hopes to one day become a part of something so vital to the health, welfare and lives of people throughout the community.

Karen Dilworth, an educated and experienced dental assistant, as well as a seasoned office manager, hopes to one day utilize her considerable people skills, compassionate nature and concern for the welfare of others to become a devoted member of the nursing community.

Karen Dilworth - The Basics of Waterskiing

Karen Dilworth enjoys waterskiing, which is why she refuses to miss any opportunity to feel the rush of gliding atop the open water alongside friends and family. An experienced skier, Dilworth has come to appreciate the importance of knowing and practicing waterskiing fundamentals, one reason she is able to always enjoy a safe and fulfilling skiing experience.

Below, Karen Dilworth outlines what she knows to be the basic fundamentals if waterskiing safety; behaviors she knows to be essential to a fun and rewarding day out on the water.


Water skiers, regardless of the skill level of experience, should always have on a well-fitted and secure flotation device; one that won’t slide off the body if and when a fall occurs. Everybody is forced to let go, or loses control, at one point or another, and a life jacket is the best way to ensure you stay afloat.

Equipment Condition

Ensure that your waterskiing equipment, says Karen Dilworth, is always in acceptable condition, that you are always checking your skis, your towropes, etc. are ready to go before setting out on the water. Skis should never have sharp or protruding surfaces, and towropes should be free of fraying.


Skiers should not only know what the proper waterskiing signals are, they should also understand the importance of never giving the ready signal until they are absolutely ready to get underway. Making sure all slack has been taken out of the rope, that your ski tips are up and that no obstacles are in your way before giving the go ahead.

Karen Dilworth - Snowmobiling Advice

Snowmobiling is a unique and exciting way to enjoy the snow, as well as to explore the many trails, scenery and are difficult to access without a snowmobile. An experienced snowmobiler, Michigan native Karen Dilworth enjoys cruising her state’s snowy tundra and expanse onboard one of these powerful and highly versatile machines, and knows that no winter would be complete without the opportunity to hit the trails alongside her fellow snowmobile enthusiasts.

Karen Dilworth does her best to answer several important questions every new or seasoned snowmobiler should ask before setting out on the open trail.

Where do I go?

The answer to this question is fairly easy, simply due to the multitude of options currently available to the aspiring rider. Numerous snowmobile approved trails and areas exist throughout the country. Contacting a local chamber of commerce, snowmobile association or visitor’s bureau can help you discover where best to start your next snowmobile experience.

Who Do I Go With?

It’s always best, says Karen Dilworth, to go snowmobiling with people of experience; seasoned riders who know the trails in your local area and that can answer your questions and give you a hand whenever needed. There are over 3,000 snowmobile clubs throughout the continent, available to anyone seeking a group who shares their interests and can lend a helping hand.

What About a License or Permit?

Each state where snowmobiling is possible will require that your machine be properly registered or licensed. It is necessary to contact your local snowmobile association to find out what is needed to acquire the proper documentation.

Karen Dilworth - Experienced Dental Assistant

For 20 years, Karen Dilworth provided multiple patients with dental services that were comforting and careful. Alongside talented dental professionals who shared her love and the position and the dental health of their patients, Dilworth gave memorable service to each of her patients. During her time as a Certified Dental Assistant, Karen Dilworth spent her time in the office of Dr. Albert Kaner D.D.S. as an assistant, the office of Dr. William and Therese Shortt D.D.S. and most recently, Brighton Family Dental, where she proudly served and assisted the patients in the area with effective dental care.

Karen Dilworth received her education and training in Dental Assisting at the Livonia Career Center and at Schoolcraft College. There she started her commitment to the craft, which she would never waver from, and show her grow her willingness to learn, understand and work hard as she did for the rest of her career. Dilworth would soon become skill in sterilization, impressions, four-handed chair side assisting, charting, temporary crowns and other dental areas. What she became most skilled in was the use and applications of digital x-ray technology.

Becoming well skilled in the lab, Karen Dilworth was able to use her education to gain experience with techniques involving custom trays, pouring and trimming models, as well as lab tracker.

Karen Dilworth is well educated and a great fit for her former position as Certified Dental Assistant. She was of major value to every dental team she was apart of, giving consistently great customer care to her patients.

Karen Dilworth - Cooking for Fun

Karen Dilworth believes cooking to be art and is even inspiring for her. There is an array of possibilities that come with the preparations of delicious meals made to satisfy her hungry family, which is a challenge Dilworth loves to take on. Not only does cooking satisfy the needs of her daughters and granddaughters but it also allows Dilworth to grow her artistic side. Adding new herbs or spices give her new flavors to explore; the excitement of creating new meals that the taste buds of the family can enjoy.

Karen Dilworth has had the chance to work continually on her culinary creations for the majority of her life. Originally born in Detroit, Michigan Dilworth was raised in Livonia, Michigan and started her culinary journey there. When living in Howell, Michigan, Karen Dilworth had to upgrade her game to provide for her children. With constantly hungry mouths to feed, Dilworth became the best chef in the house, keeping her children happy and very well nourished.

Loving to learn how to prepare and create something new, Karen Dilworth spends much time in the kitchen, which heightens the anticipation of her hungry fans readily expecting new foods and meals from the creative chef. As a loving mother and grandmother, Karen Dilworth finds this passion extremely rewarding. The amount of creativity she can express in the kitchen is always well appreciated from her family, which is the satisfaction Dilworth loves to have. Providing the food brings satisfaction to the stomach and warmth to her heart.

Karen Dilworth - Volunteering Tips

Karen Dilworth is a regular volunteer for local organizations and institutions. One of her favorite organizations to volunteer for is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an organization that relies solely on the contributions of the people in the community it is stationed in. With a mission simply to help those in need, Dilworth is not only proud to be affiliated with the generous company, but to be an involved, active and influential member of a recognized source of strength in the community that brings hope to those in need. Karen Dilworth believes in making a difference in partnering with those who also want to make a difference in their community.

As an experienced volunteer, Karen Dilworth knows that volunteering is what makes the most impact on a community. Every individual can make a difference with what he or she chooses to do and who they partner with. With so many organizations, it can be hard to find on to really get behind and support with time and hard work.

Karen Dilworth knows that jumping into volunteering for a company may not be the best decision. What should be done is looking for something a person is inspired by, passionate about and very interested in. Knowing what skills are brought to the company is also important. If an organization needs a nurse, then a contractor may not be the best person to that spot. Karen Dilworth uses her skills as a compassionate person and a health service professional to help organizations in need of volunteers.