By: Gabriel

What is deforestation?

Deforestation is a horrible thing that I'm pretty sure most of you know about. If you don't however it is the mass destruction of natural forests. It's happening all over the world before you know it there won't be any forests left.

The devastating effects of deforestation


One of the worst things about deforestation is that it kills dozens upon dozens of animals. They drove them from there home and force them into a corner until eventually almost every animal that lives in a forest will be endangered or completely gone, vanished even and who cares no one really because they are to blinded by greed.


Though there are hundreds of loggers out there destroying forests not all deforestation is on purpose or for the purpose to sell. As paper, planks, etc. Some are destoyed by fires. Fires is maybe the worst way of deforestation because it destroys plant so no one gains and it releases CO2 and because there are less trees that leads to global warming
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Fires (intentional)

Some people intentionally set fires mostly to clear land to plant crops. This can cause a change in water cycle or a change in soil fertility. This may also to global warming which can cause more forest fires. So I ask you, reader, to help the orginazation below and support them.
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