Thursday Brief

March 28, 2019

TLC Sign Ups

Yes. It's time again. We switch next week. Spreadsheets are cleared out.

Student of Character


I will send confirmation email tomorrow of the students that have been nominated.


ALL ELAR TEACHERS-Please email Dr. Youngberg if you can attend one of these trainings. They are at the ESC.

3rd Grade is June 11th

June 18th

July 10th

4th Grade is June 12th

June 19th

July 11th

Positivity Project-from last week in case you didn't read. PLEASE READ!

Next year we are going to be focusing on character strengths. Mrs. V and I went to a training, but in hindsight I wish I would have brought a couple teachers as well! This "project" is really teacher driven, because duh...teachers YOU make the difference not only in the academic progress of your students but YOU can also play a huge role in helping students develop their skills. These "soft skills" are so needed today in the work force. It is something employers are asking for and something that is not taught in college.

The positivity project works around the mindset that #otherpeoplematter. Specifically, this mindset and the lessons on the mindset focus on the following ideas:

  1. See the Good in Others
  2. Your words and actions affect others
  3. Be present and give attention to others
  4. Support others in struggle
  5. Cheer others on in their success

Basically, fundamentally LIFE IS A TEAM SPORT!

This project focuses one week on 24 character strengths. These strengths were identified through the study of positive psychology-a field that studies intently why some people are so resilient when faced with challenge. Everyone has these characteristics, it's just some are more strengths than others. The goal is to bring awareness of these things to the students and help them understand how we can use those that are strengths and strengthen those that need a little push.

The website below has a free character strengths analysis and will give you a report on how you are with the 24 character strengths. My report is also below so you can see what it gives you and you can read more about each of the 24 characteristics. Of course this is not a definition of who you are, but based on the analysis it will help you identify characteristics that are strengths and if you're like's just kinda fun to do!!!

Find out more about the positivity project at this site.

Character Strengths Analysis

Click here to get your free character strengths report!


April 11th is a social media frenzy day started a few years ago. On this day we (educators/students) bombard social media with all the awesome reasons we love our school! If you're on twitter you can tweet out and i'll retweet, and if you're not you will send me a pic for that hashtag and I will send it out. It really should be from the STUDENTS POINT OF VIEW so try and get a tweet/pic that reflects why they love FBE.


I ONLY HAD 2 TEACHERS (COOPER & JONES) respond about teaching lessons. Let me know TODAY. This year they will not have workbooks. ALL materials and lessons will be on Lemonopolis an online lesson system. If you are interested in doing Lemonade Day lessons with your class, please let me.

Professional Development Survey

Please complete this survey for planning for next year!

From Mrs. Cristan

Calling all extras! – Please place all extra consumables in the hallway outside of the book room please. The faster we can complete this project, the faster I can submit our order for next year. Thank you for your assistance!

  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Math 3rd/4th grade consumables
  • Science 3rd/4th grade consumables
  • Social Studies 3rd/4th grade weeklies

From Mrs. Hoover

Writing STAAR is around the corner. Please pay careful attention to emails sent out regarding the test.

Please make sure you have brought back all of your testing buckets and contents so we can refill for the next go round.

STAAR training April 1st for anyone administering the writing test or helping during the writing STAAR. I need all specials teachers to attend and all special education teachers to attend.

Interim assessment second round-sign up with Ms. Harms and myself so I can get testing tickets printed out asap.

Please add Ms. Cristan will check testing rooms by April 4th.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Please read any emails regarding GT testing carefully.

GT Testing Dates

Here is the new schedule for April


3rd grade Gen. Ed: students from Sykes, Featherby, Wyrick, McPartlin, Beckwith, and Wilson Total= 24 students


3rd Grade Gen. Ed students from Banister, Dyckman, Bentz, Elliot, McClendon, Jones, Lacour, Daubenspeck, Harris Total= 20 students

4/5 and 4/8

3rd Grade GT Class Provence and Barnec (students needing all subjects) Total= 20 students


3rd and 4th grade GT Classes: Barnec, Provence, and Rowe (students needing partial testing to pick up subjects) Total=16 students

4/12 and 4/15

4th Grade GT classes: Alvarado and Flores-Students needing All and partial subjects Total= 19 Students


4th Grade Gen. Ed students needing all subjects: McAliley, Robinson, Messina, Falany, Lopez, Steward, Clark, Atkinson, Almaraz, Tweddle, Ready

Total= 19 students

***Reserving 4/22, 4/23/, and 4/30 for any students that were absent or students I forgot.

April Birthdays!

Apr 13 Norma Stephens

Apr 17 Sheri Tweddle

Apr 26 Melanie Provence

Apr 22 Lorie LaCour

Apr 26 Carly McAliley

Apr 27 Crystal Elliott

Apr 30 Sariah Kramer


1 4th STAAR Training

1 "Sock it to Cancer" wear your favorite crazy socks

2 Flip Out against Cancer" wear your flip flops

2 World Autism Awareness Day students may also wear Light Blue

3 "Pajamas for Patients" wear your pajamas to school Progress reports go home

4 Art Fundraisers due

4 "Crazy Hair or Hat Day" because cancer patients often lose their hair, have a little fun with yours, or wear your favorite hat

5 "Squeeze out Cancer" bring your favorite stuffed animal to keep you company for the day (please leave the gigantic ones at home so that we have space for your friend at school)

8 School Librarian Day