A city of fun

Place-What is it like in chicago

In Chicago you can do many things and find many things like good food entertainment and activities.If you press the link up there then it will take you to a website with stuff going in Chicago like this week Imagin dragons is playing but if you are reading this in october or later they arent.

Location-Where is it?

Chicago is located in northeastern illinois on the southweastern shores of Lake Michigan.It is the principle city in Chicago metropolitan area situated in the midweastern United states reigon.

Regions-what is it known for?

Chicago is known fofr its good and exotic foods of different culturs.It is also known for the glass floor and the glass tip,and tha common celebs coming to town.

Movement-how do people move ?

US highway 14 runs through Chicago into Willow hill nearby. The other forms of transportation are bike, walking, skateboard,ect.. One of the airports are O'Hare Airport usually every year it flies at least 3,578 people. The city as i said earlier gets all its water supply from lake micigan. The electricity is generated from Crawford station and to many other stations to mention.

Human environment ineraction-what is the weather like what dose it look like?

The climate is very warm in the summers which means pool parrttyyy and cold winters brrrrrr and very heavy rains yayy.. The climate in the summer affects the way they're construction like us and the cold winters affect where they drive and how they drive, you cant call it Kansas but its very crazy weather too.
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