Animals in Space

By:Caleb O'Boyle

When did this start?


Started in 1940 after WW2, people wanted to know if humans could survive in space. They, meaning the U.S.A., and Russia, didn't want anyone to get hurt, so they started using dogs, monkeys, and even mice. The most popular of the group was monkeys, or astrochimps.

The first chimp to survive and be retrieved was Albert IV. Unfortunately, many animals died in the process, due to suffocation or freezing.


Russians started to use dogs because first, they were easy to get. the first dog that was in space was aboard the sputnik 2. they started to use mixed breed dogs first, but later converted to the chimpanzees.


Micro gravity, or weightlessness, was tested first on mice to see their behaviors. within five minutes, the mince were acting regularly, as if they were back on earth. they needed to be taken care of, so NASA hired a company t o create special foods and water holders for the mice.