The Era of Jackson

By: Lauren Shannon

The Nullification Crisis

The two tariffs that were passed were; The Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. When the laws were passed, the South was mad because they had very little manufacturing and they relied on imported goods. So South Carolina decided to nullify the tariffs because they had the right as a state. South Carolina also threatened to secede from the Union if their nullification of the tariffs were changed. Congress passed the Force Bill to pay their tariffs by using the Army. South Carolina accepted the 1833 compromise tariff when Jackson threatened to lead the army against them.

Trail Of Tears

After John Marshall declared the Indians could keep their land. As a result, Jackson was not pleased. He continued with this plans to move the Indians and ignored the court. The Southerners wanted their land because it had cotton and some gold. They were removed in 1838, they were relocated out to present day Oklahoma.

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act allowed the Government to exchange Indian land with less desirable land (present day Oklahoma). Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. The Indians got angry and went to someone that had more power than Andrew Jackson, the Supreme Court of Justice. The judge that was ruling this case was John Marshall. The case was called, Worcester v. Georgia. It stated the Cherokee Nation was a "soverign" nation and Georgia could not remove them. Jackson ignored the ruling and forced the Indians out of the wanted terriory.

Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson felt like he was a king. It was his way or the highway. After the veto of the Bank Bill. The people who were against Andrew Jackson accused him of abusing his presidential powers. (my theory) He was crushing the Constitution with his foot because he felt he had so much power and he didn't care anymore of what people thought about him. A lot of people called his unconstitutional.
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2 Letters

P.O.V: A Cherokee. (Indian Removal Act)neg.

Finally we could stay on our land, until Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling... I am a mother of 3 children and I am a wife. We will have to leave tomorrow morning. It will be a long way to walk/ride. I find it so unbelievable that the white people are kicking us out, we found the land first! I heard where we are going is very rural and dry. It will be hard to grow crops and make a life for my family.

P.O.V: a Northerner (nullification crisis) pos.

Yes! We are finally protected! They passed the tariff, which means it protects our industries in the North. The North is going to be much more rich now. The higher prices are going to make the South frustrated but as long as we're making money it's good. It also delayed the Civil War.