The Wildcat Report

The Newsletter of Marcellus Elementary - November 2020

Notes from the Office

As October comes to an end, so does the first marking period of our school year. As we head into November, I often think of the different things in life that I am thankful for. I am currently thankful that we can provide different opportunities to our families so our students can continue to receive the high-quality education they deserve. Thank you for sharing your child with us.

This year our parent/teacher conferences will look noticeably different. Due to the increased positive COVID cases in Cass County, we made the decision to change the format of our conferences. We want to limit the number of visitors in the building, so I made the decision to change all conferences to telephone conferences. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to do what we can to keep everyone safe.

The next month and a half will quickly fly by! As we continue through the year, please continue to monitor your child’s progress in their classes. Although we are starting a new marking period, continue to work with your student to stay on track. It is easy to start to slack off with the approach of the holiday season.

Also, the Time Change is a good reminder to check your smoke alarms in your house! If you didn’t do it with the changing of the clocks, check your smoke alarms this week!

Calendar Updates


11/3 – Election Day

11/5 – ½ DAY Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/6 – No School for Students – PD for Staff

11/9 – Picture Makeup Day

11/10 – Early Dismissal 11:07

11/25 – 11/29 – No School – Thanksgiving Break


12/21 – 1/1 – No School Holiday Break


1/4/21 – Return to School

1/15/21 – Early Dismissal

1/22/21 – Early Dismissal End of 1st Semester


It’s that time of year in Michigan where we really never know what the weather is going to look like from day to day. Please have your child dress in layers and they should always be ready to go outside. We only stay in when it rains and/or the wind chill temperature is extremely low.

Remote Learning

As the positive cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in SW Michigan and specifically in Cass County, our building is prepared for the possibility that we may have to switch gears and starting teaching remotely. Although it is my goal to keep our students on our current trajectory, there is a possibility that we will have to close our doors and begin teaching remotely.

We need our parents and students to understand that this will look much different from how it looked in the spring when the pandemic first began. Our spring plan was an emergency plan. Since our closure in March, our administrative team has worked to develop a robust learning plan that will be implemented immediately if the need arises for us to close the building. This plan includes daily instruction for all students, either via Internet based lesson or lessons delivered to your home on a thumb drive that would be uploaded onto student Chromebooks.

Although I hope that we continue with face to face instruction, it is prudent that I send home information on our remote plans to all families. Please watch for this after conference week.

Buddy Bench

Did you know the Girl Scouts do more than just sell cookies? We are fortunate to have a service driven troop right here in the Marcellus Community.

On October 30, 2020, Girl Scout Troop 90819 presented Mrs. Spaulding with a Buddy Bench and a book about Buddy Benches that will be placed on the elementary playground later this year.

A Buddy Bench is a special place on the playground where a student may go when they want someone to talk to. Other students/staff will recognize this as a sign of someone needing a buddy and will join them on the bench.

Thank you to Troop 90819 for your generosity!

Big picture


Traditionally, Marcellus Elementary welcomes our local veteran’s to a special musical performance in honor of Veteran’s Day. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are unable to invite our local heroes in for the assembly. From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for your service! I hope we can resume our tradition next


Read by Grade Three Law

In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed a law that requires schools to identify students who are struggling with reading and writing and to provide additional help both in school and at home.

Students who are identified as having a reading deficiency have an Individualized Reading Improvement Plan developed. This plan provides additional support in the area of deficiency for the students.

The law states that students may be retained in 3rd grade if they are more than one year behind based upon the state assessment. If you have questions about your student and their ability to be successful in reading, please contact Mrs. Spaulding. 269-646-9209.


As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that children will have typical viral respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses this year.

If your child exhibits even minor illness symptoms, they should stay home. I know this is often a struggle for working parents, believe me, I want your children in school. However, we are not equipped to keep ill children in school for extended periods of time.

I encourage you to make a plan for childcare if your child becomes ill while at school, whether it’s planning with family or friends or notifying your employer you may need to miss work to care for a sick child. Also, if you phone number has changed, please notify the school to update our records.

Remember, children may not be in school with a fever. They must be 24 hours fever free, and or symptom free, without medication before returning to school.