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six wonderful days in the city that never sleeps. There will be a multitude of wonderfully fun things to do. There will be planed trips to the musical theater,to the most popular aquatic and land zoo's and museums, shopping,and lastly a trip to the one and only statue of liberty.

the great NY tour exteaviaganza

Wednesday, Oct. 3rd 2012 at 12am

New York, NY

New York, NY

  • Oct/3/12 , Lunch , Musical play of Annie , Dinner
  • Oct/4/12 , Lunch , Musical play of Mary Poppins , Dinner
  • Oct/5/12 , Lunch , Bronx zoo , Dinner
  • Oct/6/12 , Lunch , New york aquarium , Dinner
  • Oct/7/12 , Lunch , New york museum of science , Dinner
  • Oct/8/12 , Lunch , Manhattan mall , Dinner
  • Oct/9/12 , Lunch , Tour of the statue of liberty , Go home