193rd EDITION: May 7, 2021

From the Desk of Mr. Brad Williams

The end of the year is a time that is, for me, often bittersweet. Welcoming the spring weather as we approach summer and celebrating our end of the year functions are events to view with positive anticipation. Planning for the end of the year can be challenging for teachers, students, and families. Prepping for exams and completing the end of the year checklists can be stressful and is compounded by scarcity of time. Underscoring this dynamic is the mixture of excitement for summer and the awareness of missing the daily interactions with students, faculty, and staff. While the chance to relax over the summer is, of course, welcome, the absence of those daily interactions, which I enjoy greatly, is a part of the school experience that is irreplaceable.

These past few weeks have seen much to appreciate in the Marian Central community. The return of all the seniors to in-person learning followed by the return of the entire student body, an all-school retreat, a Powder Puff football game, a spirit week, and a senior prom. The atmosphere of these events created a palpable positive energy. Observing friends reunite in school and sensing the comradery during the school day and the retreat has been refreshing at a time of year when sometimes pressure becomes burdensome.

While the positivity evident throughout the school is a great signal of our community atmosphere, we were particularly happy to offer an event for the juniors and seniors with the Powder Puff game and the seniors specifically with Prom. The planning that went into these events involved several trials, submission of plans, and layers of approval. No small task. But the administration believed an event for the class of 2021 to be especially significant due to the experience of these students over the past 18 months. Students adorning formal attire, holding the promenade, taking pictures, sharing the bus ride, enjoying an elegant dinner, and celebrating the court with the crowning of a king and queen produced memories we hope our students, families and general community will cherish for years to come.

I hope that you experience the end of the year with more sweetness than bitterness. This time of year has challenges that can be mental, physical and emotional. Cling on to the experiences that bring calm and positive energy and use them to approach the times of difficulty with serenity and perseverance. As C.S. Lewis puts it, “You find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down.”

Mr. Brad Williams

End of Year Update

An update regarding end-of-year events such as exams, device return, Graduation and more was emailed to all families today. Please click below to view the document:

May 2021 End of Year Update

Route 47 Construction

Route 47 has begun a major project to widen the road. This has and will continue to slow down traffic. Please remind students to leave for school earlier to accommodate for this construction or consider using an alternate route for the morning commute. If your son/daughter is going to be late, please remember to call the office to let them know so that we can excuse the tardy.

Seniors - Pictures Needed

Publications is asking for the Class of 2021 to submit pictures and videos of various school events (homecoming, sports, etc..) from the last four years to contribute to the Senior Class video. All pictures and videos must be turned in no later than Friday May 14th. Please submit them to the google folder here:

If you have any questions please contact the Publications staff at:

AP Exams Continue Thru May 17

Many of our students will be continuing to take Advanced Placement exams through Monday, May 17. Please see the 2021 AP Exam Calendar (Administration 1) for your students' specific AP exam date(s) and time(s). All exams will be administered in Landers Pavilion and COVID safety protocols will be enforced throughout testing.

Students with morning exams should arrive at Landers Pavilion by 7:45 a.m. They should bring their own lunch and will likely be eating during 6th or 7th period. After lunch, they will report to their afternoon classes.

Students with noon exams will attend their morning classes and eat during their regularly scheduled lunch periods. They will report for testing after the 6th period bell. Noon exams will end after the final 2:40 bell and end times will vary based on exam length.

Please be aware that all AP students are required by the College Board to be present for the entire testing period, whether or not they use the entire allotted testing time. Students will not be dismissed early for athletic events, appointments, work, etc.

Students have been given a memo listing what to and what not to bring to exams, as well as information regarding receiving scores.

Good luck to all our AP students!

Course Conflicts

Your son/daughter selected his/her required, elective and 2 backup courses for the 2021-22 school year in February. Inevitably, each year, there will be some courses that may not fit into the student’s schedule.

In the event this happens, the counselors will look at the backup electives that were chosen. If a backup elective fits into the schedule for the student, that course will be chosen, and the updated course list will be sent home to the families. If the backup electives do not fit into the student’s schedule, one of the counselors will reach out to your son/daughter to determine a fit for his/her schedule.

Should your son/daughter want to discuss other options for their courses for the 2021-22 school year, please have them make an appointment with Mrs. Hilton (rising Juniors and incoming Freshmen) or Mr. Kruse (rising Seniors and Sophomores).

Mrs. Hilton can be reached at or 815.338.4220 *121.

Mr. Kruse can be reached at or 815.338.4220 *122

Golf Outing - Save the date!

Marian Central Golf Outing

July 26, 2021

Bull Valley Golf Club - 18 holes

Woodstock Country Club - 9 holes NEW!

We are excited to offer golf at two courses this year and a 9-hole option!
Gather your foursome; registration opens next week.

Prom Pictures

Photos from Prom are now online and available for purchase by clicking the link below:

Class Composite/Cap & Gown Photos

Senior Families - if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the senior class composite, please click the link below and place your order no later than midnight tonight for delivery prior to the end of the school year.

You can also use this link to reserve your spot for cap and gown photos. Vicky Long will be set up in the Commons area after the Honors Day Assembly to photograph those seniors interested in taking photos in their cap and gown. Don't miss this opportunity to preserve your Marian memories!

Dance Team Workshop

Are you interested in the Dance Team??

Come to our Dance Workshop on

Saturday, May 15th - 8am - 11am

Click here for additional information.

Cheer Tryouts

What to become a cheerleader at Marian Central!

Come to our tryout on Wednesday, June 2nd and Thursday, June 3rd at Marian Central from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Looking forward to seeing you!!

Click here for additional information
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Order lunch from the Marian Central Cafeteria or from Napoli by clicking here.