Maximize the rest of Friends+Family

Just a few days left for your customers to save 25%!

Our Friends+Family Sale ends Sunday!

This sale is HUGE and it ends Sunday night at 11:59 pm EST!! It only happens twice yearly, and it is unique in that EVERYTHING on your boutique is discounted not just selected pieces. Your network needs to know that they can save 25% off everything....don't let this opportunity pass you up!

Maybe you have had a slow start or have taken a break from your business. This is the perfect way to jump back in!! People LOVE a good sale, and there are so many great reasons to shop right now. Mother's Day is just around the corner, as well as Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Mother's Day gifting= huge opportunity!

Everyone is going to be shopping for Mother's Day gifts....why not do it with YOU! Offer personalized gifting options based on style + budget. Your customers will love you for it!

MAKE SURE YOU ARE REACHING OUT TO ALL THE MEN IN YOUR NETWORK!! They are going to want a quick + easy solution to getting Mother's Day gifts for their mothers and wives. I promise you if you reach out to 10 guys, you will get some orders out of it! Make it easy for them: give them options, take care of placing the order for them, and make sure you offer the option of gift boxing for $5.95 per item! Or, if you are local to them offer to have items shipped to you and wrap gifts for them.

It's ALL about PERSONAL outreach!!!

Posting on social media is great to bring awareness to your network, but it's not going to necessarily convert to sales. To make the conversion, you truly need to focus on personal outreach.

Take a look at your customer's previous purchases. Then find complimentary pieces to what they already own and send them a text with pics: "Hey Susan! We are having our twice yearly Friends+Family sale and I thought of you!! Wouldn't this bracelet and earrings to go with your gardenia necklace make a fabulous set? You can get them for 25% off through Sunday!!" Make sure you are making it about THEM and making it PERSONAL.

Pull out previous wish lists. Contact those people and let them know that they can score those pieces ON sale for 25% off, but they have to ends in just a few short days!

If you get any likes or comments on your social media posts, you need to reach out to those people. "Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for liking my Chloe+Isabel post yesterday. Have you checked out my boutique? I'd love to help you with refreshing your spring + summer accessories or help you with Mother's Day gifting!"

You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! That's where the MAGIC happens!

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It's NOT to late to pop up!

*Invite some girlfriends over this weekend for some drinks and apps and show them the jewelry + lookbooks!!

*If you work outside the home, bring some look books and share with your co-workers!

*Find an online hostess!! I have a last minute pop-up booked for Sunday night. It won't be under my April sales but it will start my May sales off right! :)

*Host your own mystery hostess online pop-up! You could theme it as a "Mother's Day" pop-up and help everyone find those perfect gifts!

Get creative, and get out of that comfort zone!! You can do it!!!!!