Brainwash and control

We all one with the motherboard

Think what you wish to think, Believe in what you think is right

Media is basically a way to communicate among the mass. This can be a way of controlling how people view upon topics or enlighten people with ideas or thoughts. Most of us today think of the media as news report, internet blogs or forums, any social network perhaps, or any form of communication that can connect you to the massive views out there in the world. According to my personal opinions, I believe in that Media is a tool to control the mass and shape how we the people act upon this very earth. Just like religions which supposed to guide people to better understanding of themselves, media which supposed to provide a view on this world and give unbiased facts what is happening around us. The current media is just full of extreme biased ideas that only provide a one-side view. There was never really a freedom of choices to look for because today’s media is a business institution whose sole propose is to gain profit and make a living.

Media literate in my point of view will be the fully understanding of how media works around people’s lives and how to use them to your own advantage. Because every human strives for his or her own self-interest, who wouldn't want everyone to agree with your very own opinions on every subjects that matters only to you as you are the one with all the power and the influences. Media literate can be knowledge turn into a tool of self-defense as you will separate facts from opinions and what is the truth and what is the fault.

With Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial 2014 "Going all the Way", Coca Cola Company wish to promote their product image by showing if one gets the chance, go all the way and never stop until one reach its goal with the chance. Coca Cola Company demonstrates this by showing a boy who got the football then run to goal line and keeps on going until the big stadium goal line. This action was rewarded with a coca cola bottle that encourages him to perform above and beyond. Coca Cola Company try to state that everyone can go infinite and beyond in one way or another. They express this video in an inspiration tone that hope to touch all athletics and hardworking people that their effects are not wasted and it will pay off.

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Voters are fully confident that their votes matter

Nicholas Qiu-Ma, A Nobody

Nowhere - In today's election day, flocks of voters gather at the voting booth to cast their vote for the candidate they wish to be the president. When we asked the voters how

they all feel who will win this election, they all said, "we are plenty sure the candidate we vote for will definitely become the president, and no one will stop us from doing

so!" But when we asked the question what about the electoral college, everyone answer in their own unique way that we are not sure to write those responds here. Today in U.S.,

there are many voters who came to vote with high intelligence and huge amount of information they research on the candidate they about to vote on, such advancement from the past in which most people don't even know how to read.

Cuban Missile Crisis

In October 1962, An America U-2 secret plane manage to obtain shots of nuclear missile sites being built by the Soviet Union on the island of Cuba. President John F. Kennedy holds meeting with his staff members to discuss what to do in order to prevent further buildup of nuclear arsenal by the Soviet Union close to United States of America. His decision in the end was to strike fast and hard so the enemies will not have a chance to retaliate. This decision will shape the humankind history forever as President JFK call in the person who holds the codes to launch the nukes, and type in the code to launch multiple nuclear bombs at the island of Cuba in hope of taking out the nuclear arsenal of the Soviet Union at the same time destroy a country who have a chance to oppose the United States of America. As the nuclear bombs are being carry out by the bomber planes sent by the U.S.A., the Soviet Union manage to detects several unidentifiable objects are closing in at high speed toward the island of the Cuba coming from the direction of the U.S.A.. Fearing it could be the U.S.A. bomber planes trying to nuke their weaponry of nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union told the generals at the island of Cuba to fire off their nukes at the U.S.A.. The U.S.A. also detect that the nukes have been launched off from Cuba and decide to wipe out the Soviet Union and their Warsaw Pact alliance using their remaining nuclear weapons. After a few minutes, the Soviet Union detects more unknown objects traveling high speed aiming toward them covering all parts of the Soviet Union. They decide the best choice is just to nuke all parts of the U.S.A. and their NATO alliance. After 30 minutes, the shape of the world itself was changed forever. Over 80% of the world as we know right now were wiped out in a bombard of nuclear weapons and become inhabitable. Radioactive wastes are everywhere as a person that is still alive might see. The results are that the two superpowers that were in an arm race of nuclear weapon have come to a close as both countries and their alliance are officially gone from the face of the planet. The only place that is still have a chance some human are still left are at Greenland, Antarctica, and upper parts of Canada. The human who are alive in space station does not have much time since there is no more supply being supplied, and they commit suicide before that happened. And slowly and steady, the earth that was once populated by mankind then later covered by many huge craters, is began to recover from the nuclear waste after millions of years. The cycle of life has begun once again and the evolution has taken its course once again. New species and environments are popping out everywhere on Earth. If we were to look into the future, we might not even know it is the same Earth that we have live upon until we see so many craters from the outside and several satellite wastes within the space of the Earth.

Reason why I rewrite this part of the history is because how dangerously close we were to wipe out mankind as we know it, and how much it will reset the Earth back to the beginning.

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A personal response to 1984

At the very end, Winston said that he love Big Brother, and at that same moment, I realize how horrifying a communism or a totalitarian government can work its wonder upon its own citizens. A man can only depend on himself for so long before he crumples as human often works in group to gain strength. So what happen if your only support is gone like how Winston in the end betray Julia at the very end and now left with no one to trust or depend on. Well now Winston have fallen to only believe in Big Brother who he think he can rely upon. Orwell's work sure knows how to make people into paranoids but it sure pays off if he can prevent the same horror happen in 1984. I do believe 1984 is a appropriate criticism of the modern government today, as the government now these days do almost the same exact things done within the book of 1984. I would not bother to end the book differently if I was the author as Orwell's way of ending it leaving the readers keep on guessing but never reach the true conclusion. The most important message that I take from the book was that humans are no different from animals.


I learn in this class is that the power of the Media is very overpowered, enough to the point where a person can just command an entire crowd of people from around the world without having to leave his or her seat from the computer. The things that I will be taking away from this class and onward to my life is that the feeling of apathetic in which I don’t wish to care for anyone else welfare, the wish to corrupt or purify anyone I come across in life so I can judge if they are truly good or evil within my mindset, and to see if what I am looking or reading or hearing is the truth or not based on my own research.

This class is a lot different than the other Language Arts classes that I have took so far in my life. Media Literacy offers huge amount of interesting information that can help one’s life if learned correctly. The class also gives us interactions between the materials that we are learning in class and the current ongoing events happening around the world. It gives us the feeling of being up to date of what we are learning truly matters in our future life. This class also offers us to write what we think about on many interesting topics that we all have a strong view upon in which other classes have a fixed structure of what to do and how to achieve writing in one style. This class gives us the chance to free write what we wish to present as long as it is related to the topic we are learning.

I would you to try to find a way to give Seniors incentives to stay in class and listen to what you have to teach, sometimes it is best to give out punishments but not too harsh that makes the Seniors dislike you, find a balance between rewards of letting them to do what they wish and punishments of they going too far of what they are doing. For most of the humans, they are leaded by pain and pleasure.