Robert F Kennedy Assassinated

By Shannon Burdick

June 5 1968, When it happened.

Robert (Bobby) F Kennedy, Brother of John F Kennedy has been assassinated just like his brother. After his speech debate in California Sirhan Sirhan shot several bullets, Killing Bobby and wounding 5 others that was nearby. Bobby was shot in the head right under his right ear, one under his right armpit, and one about one and half inches away from the last bullet wound. Bobby died at the Good Samaritan Hospital on June 6th at 1:44 Am at the age of 42.

After math

What happened afterwards

The shooter Sirhan Sirhan was sentenced to death on April 23, 1969 But because the law that prohibited execution in California he was sentenced to be forever in jail. After Bobby had died his coffin was sent from New York to Washington DC and had been buried next to his brother John f Kennedy with a rare night time burial. While his coffin was taken to his grave, People who mourned for him was next to the train tracks that the coffin was being taken on. Robert F Kennedy was the third important public figure that has been assassinated that century.