Eco-Friendly Office

How to save energy for your office

What is an office?

It's an area where some work happens within the household, but mostly it's for a computer and extra storage.
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Use Electricity Wisely

Turn off all computers, printers, and all other equipment when it is not in use. Use any and all natural light to your advantage. This'll help the environment by having less fossil fuels burned to produce a lot of energy.
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Use Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

Use 100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges, non-toxic markers, etc. It helps to use these products so we have less waste and pollution. is a great place to go to find green office supplies.
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Use Supplies You Can Reuse

For example; use paper clips instead of staples or tape. That kind of supplies is not reusable and they come in packaging that is not very friendly.
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