Mayan Weekly

Week of July 28th


Our focus for the first few weeks will be on DLT's. Please remember our philosophy is to use the walkthrough process to support you and students. While DLT's weren't in all classrooms all of you had relevant and creative lessons going on. It was fantastic seeing the many great activities over the first three days of school. We saw a lot of structured student interactions built around learning procedures but most importantly they allowed you to start building relationships with kids and amongst themselves. Hopefully you can see the importance in DLT's and these opening of school ice-breakers and procedural lessons are a perfect time to introduce simple yet effective DLT's to students.

SAMR Model of Technology Integration

S - substitution
A - augmentation
M - modification
R - redefinition

Click on the link below to view a 2 minute video of the SAMR model. Remember your training with Mr. Torres' on Google Drive and Google Doc's last week? This video explains SAMR through the use of those exact tools. It is also a great sample of what students could potentially do with videos.

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG (Sorry I'm still trying to figure out to import her file so I'll have her email you the her week at a glance)

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  • FAC meeting Wednesday, August 6
  • Open House Thursday, August 14 and early release on Friday, August 15
  • First person to take a picture of their DLT this week and send it to me via email will get a $5 lottery scratcher.
  • Big thank you to Mr. Hodge and Mr. Elizalde for getting quick action on our AC system in the new building. It was confirmed that the settings are off at the District Office. Contractors will be out midweek to remedy the situaiton. Thanks to all for your patience.
  • Have you checked out Kahoot or Todays Meet?
  • Tuesday, August 5th is the last day to balance classes
  • 43 kids in your 3rd and 5th period? Help should be on the way. As of Friday we have 822 students enrolled. We are funded for 805 and hope to be at 850 by weeks end. Priorities to open classes at this time are PE and English 7.
This flyer can also be found on our Canvas PD page

Log in and choose the course MOM PD 14/15. The third module is titled Mayan Weekly and I keep a running link to all Mayan Weekly flyers.