Lincoln Acres Scholastic Book Fair

Tis' the Season to be Reading! Give the Gift of Reading!

Calling ALL Parents and Students! Help Us Raise Money for New Library Books that Kids Want to Read!

Get ready for reading during the winter holiday break.

The Library Media Center will be hosting a Book Fair at the Library. Come take a look at our wonderful selection of books and purchase them the same day. By shopping at our school Book Fair you will not only be giving your own child access to new exciting books to read but also helping raise money to buy more books for our school library.

The Scholastic Holiday Book Fair will take place Monday Dec. 7th through Friday Dec. 11th at Lincoln Acres Library. The hours for the book fair will be before school starting at 7:45 am and after school until 6 pm.

Each class has been given an assigned day and time to shop at the book fair. Parents are welcome to accompany their child to the book fair before and after school.

Our Goal for this Book Fair is to Raise $2200.

If we meet our goal the principal and assistant principal will dress up in a costume and come around every classroom and sing a song for the class.

All profits will go towards purchasing books, equipment, and library supplies. Book fair money should not be sent to before the opening day of the fair. If parents have specific instructions on how their child should spend their money, those instructions should be submitted in writing to the homeroom teacher. Money should be placed in an envelope that is clearly labeled with the student's name, homeroom, and Book Fair.

All for Books Coin Challenge!

The week of the book fair each classroom will be competing to see who can raise the most money for their classroom library! Every cent we collect will be matched by Scholastic and they will donate books to organizations that support childhood reading. The class that raises the most money for their classroom will receive free dress the following week on the day of their choice.

Regardless of which class wins, EVERY classroom teacher will get to use the money their class raises to purchase new books for their classroom on Friday Dec. 11th!

The Coin-a-day Challenge,

Each day represents a different type of coin:

  • Penny Monday
  • Nickel Tuesday
  • Dime Wednesday
  • Quarter Thursday
  • Any Coin Friday

Thanks for supporting your child's classroom and their teacher!

Other Challenges & Opportunities to win prizes in the Book Fair

Golden Ticket will be given out to every kid to bring to the library in exchange for a raffle ticket for a chance to win a poster from the Book Fair.

For every book a student buys he/she will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a paperback book on the Diary of the Wimpy Kid!

Guess How Many? - a guessing game that they will play during their library time. Winner will receive a book of choice that will cost no more than $15 dollars. Winner will be selected on Friday Dec. 11 at 2 pm.

Reading Ticket "You been Caught Reading Contest" - Teachers will be handing out Reading Tickets if they are caught reading during their free time. Student will bring Reading Ticket to the Librarian for instructions.