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Week of January 18th

Cline's Corner

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. Tuesday we will meet in our Program Review committees. Thursday is our mid-year review with Susan Dugle so we want to make sure we have ample opportunity to add to and make revisions to our current documents. Next week we will continue our personalized learning. Our poverty, SIOP and intervention strategy groups will be meeting.

I know this will be a busy week. You are NOT wasting your time. I want you to know that what you are doing DOES matter. Your labor is not in vain. There are students in your class who will look back on this year and be thankful for your influence. They may even be the one causing you the most trouble.

I want to remind you that growth takes time and tell you that the seeds you are planting in young hearts and minds will grow and bring forth fruit, even if you might not see it yet.

I want to tell you that you are making a difference. That there are students who care. Who are grateful. Who are learning. Who are growing. Even if they never tell you.

Let's have a great week making a difference in the lives of our students.

BBY Schedule For Wednesday and Thursday

These schedules were made to match homeroom teacher's planning times. However, if you work with a particular grade level and are interested in attending any of the sessions, please do. There is also additional time on Thursday to meet with Charlene.

Resources for Service Learning

Service is a gift that gives back, even when you expect nothing in return. It teaches us empathy, and brings us closer to others, sometimes in unexpected ways. This short article includes resources and examples of projects.

What's Going On At Wright...

Admin will be out of the building on...

Tracey: Friday, 1/22 (AM & PM)


Juanita: Wednesday, 1/20, (8:45 on)


Donna: Tuesday, 1/19 (AM &PM), Friday, 1/22 (From 10 AM till the end of the day)

Dates To Remember

Martin Luther King Day: Monday, 1/18 No School

Program Review, Tuesday, 1/19 (2:45)

bby Math: Wednesday, 1/20 and Thursday, 1/21

Wacky Wednesday: Wednesday 1/20 Beach Day/ luau

SBDM: Wednesday, 1/20 (3:15)

Student Leadership Team: Thursday, 1/21, 1/28 (7:30-7:57AM)

MAP Testing Window closes 1/22 Friday - All make-ups must be completed by this date.

Tornado Drill/Earthquake Drill: 1/22 Friday

4H in Gym for 4th grade: Monday, 1/25 (1:30-2:15)

Fiber Artist -4th and 5th grade: 1/19-1/29- See Google calendar for individual class times

Born Learning: Monday 1/25

Personalized Learning: Poverty, SIOP, Intervention Strategies, (2:45)

Access Testing : Monday,1/25- Friday, 1/29 Schedules will be sent to teachers.

Rumplestiltskin, Tuesday, 2/2 (12:45)

Hagan's Hotline

Identified here are the actions, choices and habits that contribute to your level of happiness. Read about the 7 habits of highly unhappy people.