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Inception Inc is an organization that is trying to make learning fun. Success will be our classmates enjoying our products and having fun during English class. We will be doing reviews, trivia games about language arts, and articles that also teach you strategies of the writing world. Inception Inc gives you a warm welcome to our flyer. Let's start a New Beginning.


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Book Review

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner tells about a 16-year-old boy named Thomas who appears scared and frightened when he is put into the Maze. He doesn’t know what was going on. He doesn’t know if he had parents or siblings. Then 13-year-old Chuck taught him the ropes, and further becomes like a brother to Thomas.

Thomas reaches the Maze by a huge dark elevator; suddenly he pops up in a compound with 50 boys staring at him. The boys call the Maze the Glade. The Glade, a 250 by 250 meters area which has a cemetery, a cafeteria called the Homestead, a farm, and a shack with beds, even though most people sleep outside. The Glade is a flat piece of land trapped by massive walls, covered in dry moss and vines thick as fingers. The walls are open in the day and close at night. The people in the maze have jobs that are important for their survival. Everyone in the glad has a job-Runner, Farmers, Cooks, Butchers, and Cleaners. Runners are essential for the Glader’s escape, although they are not alone out there.

An organization called WICKED, a group of governments unite after sun flares hit the Earth, is testing the Gladers for a greater cause for the world. Grievers are slimy creatures created by WICKED with metal plates that shine in the sunlight and stingers with deadly venom. A Runner has to be careful for Grievers. Runners must get inside the walls before the world is swallowed by darkness because the Grievers strike at night.

The Maze Runner is a book full of action, with streaks of violence that keep you on your feet. The book is electrifying in the Maze as the Grievers try to kill the Gladers by injecting venom and making their skin bubble, yellow puss spurting from their bodies. You can watch a preview of the movie version of Maze Runner, expected out in 2013. I think this would be a great book for young adults that like books in a futuristic setting and violent sparks in the plot. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put the book down with the tight grip you have upon the story.

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