In Rwanda there is three main ethnic groups, and evidence shows that hunters and gathers date back to 500 BCE, and they began farming over 2,000 years ago. rwanda was a colony of Germany and then Belgium. They gained their independence in 1962. For the next 30 years Rwanda was still violent. Their president was killed in a plane crash in 1994, and the people created a campaign of genocide against the tutsis. After 800,000 were killed, it left 95,000 children as orphans. Then three million people fled to neighboring countries. Finally the people came together and started to rebuild their community.


Most families live in extreme poverty, and die because of health problems. They could not afford health care, or the health care services are too far away.

In recent years the child mortality rate went down by 28%, there for 100,000 less children are dying.


A man named Denis Niyizurugero walks 2 hours to find health care services for children who need it in his village.

Tatiana Mukankaka had lost children to illnesses and when one of her children started showing signs of sicknesses she was told about a health care organization and she became involved in it to save her kid.