Mustang Message

March 6, 2017

A Principal's Perspective

I am still thinking about the words from Chris Field. I shared reflections with Chris written from several staff members. For the next few Mustang Messages, I would like to share some reflections from Joshua Rhine. This first part really connects with our session on Conscious Discipline. Words do matter and they have great power when building relationships. Please read on from Joshua...

"It is rare that a person comes along, to any event, and the crowd is moved. Not because of who he is but more of what he is about. I have been to many a teacher in-service, too many to count. Never have I been to one where the entire audience was in total engagement for that length of time… no cell phone use, no side conversations. Only silence and reflection. I found myself several times throughout the speech looking around at the other faces to see their reactions. It was fun to watch. We are blessed to be in an institution that values others, and puts a high price on the heart of a child.

Hearing the words flow it was hard for me not to have that immediate desire to write it all down. So much of who I am and want to be as a teacher, father, and human directly connected to the message. Without getting too wordy, as I am prone to do, I will instead focus on three quotes that resonated the most.

“Words make worlds.”

Very cool, simple, yet profound statement. How many words do I say in a day? How much thought do I put behind each statement? What have my words meant to the students? Have I shaped them positively, or frighteningly, the other way around? I can never know the answer to any of the above. What I do know is that words have far more power than we ever give them credit for. Oh what a wonderful responsibility we have in our profession to be that word deliverer who lifts that certain child in their time of desperate need. It makes me take pause. I makes me desire to be more intentional with all the things I say and do in a day, from the major to the mundane. It gives me hope that though I may never see the end result, I have said something that will resonate with someone for a lifetime to come."

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


A professional, awesome staff can have some fun too!

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Morning Duties for the Week

Morning Assembly (7:20): Lake

Gym (7:20): Glunk

Cafeteria (7:20): Magnuson

Bus (7:15 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Marshall & McMurry subbing for Helfeldt

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:50): Piscacek

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:50): Prukop & Grant

Counselor Schedule: 3rd & 4th

Librarian: PC

Week at a Glance

Saturday & Sunday - Bush School Faculty & Students creating a USA map in front of school

Monday: Author Visit 3rd & 4th Grade - Presentation in 4th grade pod; March Birthday Jean Day (Staff members that have a birthday in March)

Tuesday: Cafeteria Menu: Breakfast for Lunch Day; TELPAS Reading in Library - 3rd & 4th grade ESL students; Faculty Meeting 3:20 in Cafeteria - STAAR Training - Kathryn Ballard will send an e-mail out to identify staff that will need to join the party.

Wednesday: Lunch Lounge Wednesday - Eating in the teacher's lounge? Wear a GP shirt or a vacation shirt and jeans! New Location: Lunch Lounge Wednesday will meet in the Science Lab - more elbow room!; Tech and Specialists' Open Office Hours 3:15-4:15; New GP Teachers - Meeting 3:30-4:30

Thursday: 4th Grade Lunch with Principal @ 12:25; SIT Group #2 (McMurray/Neidig, Seagraves/Miller, Weber/Littlefield, Williams/Hastings/J. Rhine, Parr/Anderson); 2nd Grade Musical 8:30 (4th & K) & 2:00 (3rd & 1st); Life Skills Family Night 6:00

Friday: 4th Grade Lunch with Principal @ 12:25; Math Meetings K-4 - Final Book Study Conversation; End of 3rd 9 Weeks

News & Notes

  • We had 3 total grade level teams with 100% of their team members attending the tech workshops this week! We had 29 classroom teachers attend the tech workshops! We also had 40 staff members attend the training! Go team! Thank you to our tech coaches for teaching us and helping us to grow! Love this picture below from the Dash & Dot workshop.
  • We are enjoying the new Canon copier! On a budget note, please keep in mind your monthly copy counts. Presently, the copier does not stop once you reach your copy count for the month. With that said, we are still adhering to the monthly copy counts budgeted for each staff member. So this will require each faculty member to keep track in order to budget. We do receive a monthly report on each id account for reference. We are also watching the paper costs. To date, we have purchased 90 cases of paper totaling $2,058.84. In comparison, last year at the same time we purchased 60 cases totaling $1,225.57. I share this with you not to point a finger, but to encourage us all to be budget minded as we copy and use paper.

Highlight of a tech training afternoon!

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Mustang Yee Haws!

  • Congratulations to Tyler Hogan, Amanda Simmons' son, who received 3rd place in 3D Animation and Game Design at the District 7 Skills USA Contest.
  • Congratulations also to our Ready, Set, Teach student, Lauren Peters, who won 2nd place in the FCCLA Education's Family and Consumer Science Competition - Education Division!