By Ryan k

What is music

Music is a mix of sounds created by instruments it is very popular and is used almost everywhere

What is it used for

It is used for dancing songs party's festivals celebrations concerts and also heaps more

Different types of music

There is many different types of music like country classical pop Irish relaxfull music but my personal faverioute is rock. Different types of music is also used for different things links for example rock is good for party's and relaxfull is good for relaxing I mean who would want to listen to rock while trying to go to bed.........well actually me

When was music made

The earliest form of music was drum based way back when the dinosaurs where around until it got more advanced in 700bce.

Why music is great

As I said earlier there is music everywhere and it is just awsome just imagine being in a party with no music at all.......awkward and but then I guess there is some bad stuff about music

Why music can be bad........sometimes

I guess there is some reasons music can be bad like when your sister starts singing let it go while your doing homework or playing the Xbox and ELIVATOR MUSIC!!!! Gah! But besides that it's just plain awsome


Music is great and I hope I have convinced you why music is awsome thank you for listening but pleas get rid of elevator music