Tech Tuesday

More Augmented Reality...Learning that Comes to Life!

What is Augmented Reality?

It is awesome! It is the easiest way to increase student engagement ever! HA! It is a way to make learning come alive...literally. It's taking things that once lived on a piece of paper...and making them 3D or 4D. This can be very overwhelming, so take it slow. Choose one thing to try...and file this away as a resource to visit again later. This is good friends....don't miss it!

Student Engagement will SOAR!!!!

Aug That! Creating classroom engagement through Augmented Reality

Chromville is very similar to the Quiver app I have introduced in a previous Tech Tuesday. Chromville is great too, because it has a variety of educational ties. It offers resources for lessons on the human body, plants, marine life, habitats, and more. As I have mentioned before...any of these sheets could be pulled in with a writing lesson. Imagine the students' amazement when the characters of their stories come to life! Check it out!

How to use Chromville Science!
Meet the Chromers, the best augmented reality creatures!
Here are few of the downloadable coloring/learning sheets offered on the website...
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Fetch! - Lunch Rush

This fun app uses augmented reality to engage students in solving addition and subtraction problems. Each math problem is timed challenging the students to increase their quick recall of addition and subtraction facts. This is an iPhone app but still works well on the iPad. Students love this game and it can be used for 1 student - 4 students. Just download the game pieces at this website ( download the app to get started.

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If you search for this app on your iPad and it says it is at the top to search for iPhone apps. It will then appear.
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Arloon was created internationally, so you may need to click on the Google translate feature (see picture below) to explore all of the features. There are several mini videos that will reveal a little sample of what these apps can do.
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Arloon Educational APPs
ARLOON - How to use the Augmented Reality
AR Chemistry Augmented Reality Education Arloon

Make Your Own...with Aurasma

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I have mentioned Aurasma in previous Tech Tuesday editions, but today I wanted to add a video that explains how you can hook your own instructional video (that you make with an app like Explain Everything or Educreations) to a picture target (ex. a picture in your textbook that all students would have access to). This would be great way to add a mini math lesson video to a homework sheet. It would also be a great way to bring test review alive for your students.
Using Augmented Reality in the Primary Classroom

How are teachers using Aurasma? Check it out...

This app uses augmented reality to engage the students in learning their letters. Highly recommended for early childhood educators and parents! AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for toddlers, preschoolers, and EL students. With AR Flashcards, learning is fun! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. Tap the animal to hear the letter and animal name.
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AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet

Download flashcards at the link the app...and learn!

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DAQRI - 4D Heart & Human Body

Anatomy 4D Heart


Visit this website ( ) to print learning "targets" for the Human Body and the Heart. Next, download the app on your iPad, phone, or a tablet...and learning instantly becomes interactive.
Anatomy 4D Body
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Who Doesn't Love the Book of Guinness World Records? What if it could come to life!!!

You could take a small fact from this book and turn it into a writing activity, a research project, or even a real world math project. If your students could take their picture next to the tallest man in the world...don't you think you would have their attention? That would definitely put things in perspective in a brand new way. What if they were able to see the sharks they were researching circle around the classroom? Student engagement would soar!!! Check this out...
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Want More Ideas on how to use Augmented Reality in Your Classroom???

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