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December 11, 2015

General Announcements

  • Have you gotten a colonial day costume yet? May want to look into that. . .
  • If you didn't pay your field trip fees in the beginning of the year, please go to to pay those. We are currently planning all of the trips and need to know how much $ we have to work with.
  • Website:


Thanks for keeping us in the loop this week when your child has needed to miss. Please continue to do that the next two weeks as we are SUPER busy in here!
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From Ms. Fenwick

Spelling: No spelling this week!

Reading: We will be focusing on sequence this week using informational texts about the Colonies. The students will continue to read their own individualized selections for their Genre Bingo Card--we have started over for the new 9 weeks. Wordly Wise this week, with the quiz being on Friday! Don't forget that a Reading Check-In on eCLASS is due every Friday under Second Nine Weeks.

Writing: Due to District Assessments this week, we will not be having a mentor sentence. We will complete our informational writing about our chosen part of the Solar System.

From Mrs. Turner

  • Math: FRACTIONS ARE FUN! Or at least after division the kids think so! This is an easier unit but will go fast. I will continue to post video helpers to our website and eClass. The test is December 17.
  • TenMarks is back this week. Due Friday the 11th:
  • SS: We have started the 13 colonies and are looking forward to a fun unit. First Test is December 8th! Additional resources may be foundin student notebooks, and at and on eClass.
  • Science: We will start and finish our Solar System Unit while we're doing the colonies. Test is December 11th! Additional resources for study may be found at: and on eClass.

Colonial Day

  • Colonial Day will be December 18th! We dress up for this, so I've included some pictures of some dressed up in the past. . . Please know there are many ways to dress up and don't all require spending money. HOWEVER, if you plan to purchase your child's costume, you may want to watch the Halloween sales to get the costumes inexpensively.

Don't Forget!

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