NJHS 2015- 2016

Timberview Middle School

Executive Committee

President: Connor Beebe

Vice President: Ashtin Potter

Secretary: Hailey Anders

Treasurer: Sydney Brunson

Advisor: Diane Honeycutt


This is a news letter addressed to parents, and for parents. We as a chapter want parents to know whats going on with our program, and be up to date on all details, plans, and special events.

Our First Meeting

On September 4th, 2015, We had our first NJHS Meeting. Below, there are links to the Power Point shown at the meeting, & the recorded Minutes. We reviewed some basic NJHS rules, and talked about future projects. We also took a T-Shirt Poll to decide as a group what we would have for a shirt design. If you want to know more about our first meeting, please click a button below.
First Meeting Power Point

Here is the link to our first meetings Power Point.

First Meeting Minutes

Here is the link to our first meetings Minutes


If you haven’t signed up for Edmodo or NJHS’s Remind 101, please do.

Edmodo Group Code: cbkb88

Remind 101: text @njhshawk to 810-10

Membership Dues

Please see Mrs.Honeycutt if you have not paid your dues. The dues are $15 per member, and are needed to become a official member of NJHS.


Committees are groups of members that are in charge of representing or helping NJHS in certain ways. If you have a idea for a committee, come see the Executive Committee, and as long as it’s beneficial to NJHS, we can start getting members together for them. If you would like to join the Pep-rally Committee, or you’d like more info, please feel free to ask a member of the Executive Committee.

Being Active

You must uphold your NJHS duties.If you are not determined an active member by the Executive Committee (the officers and Mrs. Honeycutt), then you will not be participating in the 5th and 6th grade field day, and the NJHS field trip. Joining or creating a Committee is a good way of staying active in NJHS. If you are not an active member, you will not participate in the 5th & 6th grade Field Day and the NJHS Field Trip.

Calendar Events

October 30th - Movie Night: The Nightmare Before Christmas - Signup Genius was sent out to parents on October 11th.

December 4th - Movie Night: Elf

January 22nd - Basketball Tournament

February 5th - Movie Night: Inside Out

March 4th - Basketball Tournament

May 13th - 5th/6th grade Field Day (This is during the day and only for members who have been an active part of NJHS)

May 24th - NJHS Induction

Upcoming Service Hour Opportunities: Eagle Ridge Carnival - October 23rd from 6-7:30. Belize Humanitarian Effort.


Out of our 5 choices, Shirt #3 had the most votes. This shirt will be $16, and will feature a custom name and number on the back of our shirt.
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BPE Fall Festival

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NJHS Officers

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Service Hour Oppertunites

  • Always seek approval from the TMS NJHS advisor before beginning a project. This can be done in person, or via email.

  • Choose projects that will help you gain experience and confidence in the five areas NJHS focuses on: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.

  • Choose projects that guarantee your safety; avoid activities where a trusted adult cannot monitor your safety.

  • Choose projects that will help not-for-profit agencies and organizations; target projects that help the underprivileged, the elderly, the disabled, the environment, etc. In short, those in need.

  • Choose projects that you would not already be completing. Remember that this is an opportunity to grow in confidence and leadership by sampling activities, some of which may be unfamiliar.

  • Balance your projects so that some are activities where the adult in charge is not always a familiar adult or family member. The advisor often asks that some of the required hours of service be towards projects that increase one's confidence and sense of leadership.

  • One purpose of the Individual Service Project is to build leadership. Take ownership over these projects so that they are truly your projects. Give great consideration to the idea of designing some of them yourself, managing them yourself, and completing them yourself. Rely on parents and other trusted adults only for transportation, safety, monitoring, and encouragement.

  • Projects that involve another member of our local chapter are encouraged. Sometimes two members can help each other gain confidence and leadership!

  • That being said, the advisor will accept hours towards community projects that are designed by legitimate groups (ie., non-profit groups, church groups, the local food bank, etc.). Organizations and agencies that already exist in our community are doing great work and need our help. Negotiate with the advisor about what fraction of your hours can be used with these important groups.

  • Remember that Individual Service Hours can not be gained from School Service Projects, even if you volunteer beyond the required amount. The advisor or another adult organized these events, and you would miss the opportunity to gain confidence and leadership if you were allowed to count these.

  • Always take along your Volunteer Hours Documentation Page to be signed by the adult in charge. Remember that it is your responsibility to fill out the form (and not the adult's job).

Humane Society of North Texas


Classy Cats


North Texas Food Bank


Community Storehouse