Froggy News

March 14, 2015

Events for this Week


-Problem Solving Math Test

-Writing test


-Math Portfolio A test


-Math Portfolio B test


-Spelling test

-Early Dismissal at 11:55 am

-Sign up for Portfolio Conference (goes live at 12:00 pm)


We are doing a lot of portfolio testing this week. Please make sure your child gets a good night sleep each night and eats breakfast. Please also make sure they have a snack each day.

In order to help the children relax each day the children will watch a little yoga video before taking the test from the site I tried it this week and it really helped. The videos are only 2-3 min. long and are very kid friendly.



We will be reading the story They Work Together. We will be completing the following skills:

-reviewing how to read a map

- learning -ed ending in words and reading a sidebar

- reviewing proper nouns and photographs vs illustrations

- retelling the story and reviewing time order words


Last week the kids finished writing their Opinion pieces. When we went to the computer lab they learned how to search for pictures to go with their piece. They also learned how to copy/paste it into Word. They LOVED it! I hung up their pieces in the hallway.

I felt the kids needed a little more time learning about writing Opinion pieces so they started writing another one. This week they will need to write one all by themselves.


This week the kids will be finishing up Unit 8 test. They will also be taking two Portfolio test. These test are a cumulative review of everything that we have learned this year.


We will be working on Sort 37. We will be consonant digraph plus r.
Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words using the Spelling City website Please look for Sort 38 for this week's words.


This week the children will be learning about how archaeologist digs up fossils. The kids will be given a chocolate chip cookie and pretend to dig up the fossils (the chocolate morsels) with a toothpick! They will also be learning more about fossils by going examining real fossils up close. Next they will be making petrified fossils and fossil molds

The play-Who Who is Afraid of the Dark-Starring Brady, Isabella G., Mauve, Sydney and Alysha




-Extra Math

-Spelling page 15


-Read for 10 min.

-Spelling page 16


-Read for 10 min.

-Spelling page 17


-Extra Math

-Study for test