Letter From the Director

Hello October!

Director Tips and Campus Highlights

Can you believe that tomorrow we will wrap up our first quarter of Cycle 1?

Time flies when you are having fun!

During our first quarter we...

Learned and practiced six different elements of drawing.

Participated in 6 scientific experiments and observations, all with amazing spiritual connections.

Practiced the rhetorical skill of oration through 6 student presentations.

Committed to memory over 80 individual grammar memory pegs in 7 core subjects.

Played fun grammar reinforcing review games.

Memorized Exodus 20:1-6.

In addition to all of this, as a COMMUNITY, we...

Shared family devotionals, starting our mornings off with Christ as our focus.

Provided much needed accountability to one another.

Enjoyed a field trip to Bankhead National Forest.

Fellowshipped and visited during lunch in the gym and on the playground.

Laughed a lot.

Smiled even more.

Next week (Oct. 20) our second quarter begins, and with it, a couple of changes ...

Our Fine Arts focus will shift from drawing to music theory.

Every student will need his/her own tin whistle (key of D) in class each week.

Our Science Lab time will shift from experiments focusing on the scientific method to hands-on science projects.

Geography and Mapping

Don't forget that map drawing is part of the grammar of geography!

There is only so much map tracing/drawing that can happen during class time.

If you aren't already, build some map tracing/drawing into your homeschool day.

Since we are all over the map with our geography memory work in Cycle 1,

narrow your focus down to the continent of Africa.

Over time begin to add country borders and rivers.

Questions? Concerns?

I am always available should you have a question or concern.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

In His Service,



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Decatur Christmas Parade

We had a blast last year participating in the Decatur Christmas Parade.

If this is something we would like to do again this year, we need to raise $300 to put toward materials for building our float.

Please place your donation in an envelope with your name so that I will know who to return the money to in the event that we don't raise enough money.

Donations can be placed in the Christmas Parade Fund box in the Foundations hallway.

Any left over funds will be put toward our End of Year Ceremony.

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