Financing College!

Independent Living

By Molly Jessica Sara

Free Money!!!!

  • Scholarships, grants and awards are given to students for many reasons:
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership potential
  • Community involvement
  • Financial needs
  • And many more

Cutting Costs

  • Earn exam credits by taking advanced courses in high school.
  • Attend the publicly funded school where tuition is less.
  • Complete your college degree early.
  • Stay in state if possible.
  • Stay close to home to cut housing expenses.
  • Try to find a part time job near campus.
  • Apply for work study.
  • Save money for personal needs.

Work Experience

  • Part time job.
  • Work base learning programs like internships.
  • Job shadowing.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Entrepreneurships.
  • Get experience in work that pertains to your major.

Choosing Your College

  • Consider at all options.
  • Look at community, private, and state colleges.
  • Apply to several different colleges.
  • Don't stress over your major.
  • Look into what each college offers.
  • Campus visits.
  • Orientation days.
  • Talk to professors and students.