Bulldog Gazette

Edition Three: January 2017

The JFK Bulldog Gazette Est. 2016

Welcome to the Bulldog Gazette! Here you will learn about current events, what each grade is learning and doing, pick up some secrets about your teachers, and have a lot of fun! :)

2016 Presidential Inauguration ~ By: Bridget Nbrang

It was almost 2 years ago when Mr.Trump had announced he was running for president. Well on January 2017, Donald J. Trump became our 45th President of the United States. The inauguration was held in Washington D.C., unlike some presidents (for example George Washington had held his inauguration in New York city.) The Vice President is Mike Pence. After his oath to protect and lead the US, he gave his speech. President Trump's speech included his slogan "Make America Great Again".. he wasn't the first to use the slogan, President Ronald Reagan used the slogan for his campaign back in 1980. President Trump's speech was about his plans for America and how he planned on making America rich and great again. At the inauguration was most of his family members, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, past presidents, and spectators.

On The Campaign Trail ~ By: Kara Langbaum

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shepard Doniger, who worked in many campaigns, including Senator Heinz of Pennsylvania (1976-1991). Yes, just like the ketchup! In the campaign, he helped with tv commercials, campaign slogans, and the whole campaign really! But, let's get to where it all began!

Mr. Doniger had been interested in politics his whole life. One day, he went to Capitol Hill and passed out his resume and got hired. He got involved in Senator Heinz’s campaign by working with him for five years and when Mr. Heinz needed help with his campaign, he asked Mr. Doniger. He considers himself an independent (not democrat nor republican) even though Senator Heinz was a republican.

Despite working for many politicians, and having been involved with many elections, Mr. Doniger never wanted to run for an office. “I liked being behind the scenes,” he said.

Mr. Doniger explained to me how politics has changed from the 1980’s to today. He said that politics was always tough but back then there was respect. Today and in this past election, it is much "dirtier" for no reason. “It’s a really sad thing.” Mr. Doniger explained.

Today, Mr. Doniger owns his own company called the Black Dog Communications Group which is a strategic communications company. So, now you know that if you ever want to run for office, call Shepard Doniger to help with your campaign!

Black History Month ~ By: Dean Ibrami

The history of the Black History Month begins in 1915, 50 years after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery. This holiday first happened on many college campuses, until President Gerald R. Ford later made it official during a national celebration in 1976. He did this to "seize the opportunity that too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history." Americans thought this movement was important to make February Black History Month. People such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and many more that have all fought for freedom of people to "where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character!"

Spotlight On Our Terrific Teachers: Mrs. Sedicino ~ By : Jadyn Ninan and Ariana Aray

You may have passed Mrs. Sedicino in the hallway and probably waved a nice hello. But, have you ever wondered what's going on Behind The Scenes of this amazing 2nd-grade teacher. So here is YOUR chance to get the inside scoop on a special teacher who is about to amaze you with her opinions and favorites on some topics you might favor yourself. Think you can find something in common with this phenomenal person inside and out?

1. Mrs. Sedicino walks in casually into a restaurant with surprising only two options!!! Snail cake or sour cream spiders. Which one will she choose? Snail cake to go with her sweet tooth!

2. When Mrs. Sedicino gets the exciting news of two spots opening in the " All Wayne" concert, she has the choice between playing an instrument or singing. Which does she prefer? She prefers to use her talents to play an instrument!

3. A movie theater is showing two movie series: STAR WARS and STAR TREK. Which one would Mrs. Sedicino pick? She would definitely pick STAR WARS!

4. When an assignment comes up with a winning prize of $1,000,000.00, Mrs. Sedicino has to pick between a google docs task or a google slides presentation. Which does she prefer? She prefers docs.

5. Mrs. Sedicino gets two invitation to two different birthday parties all in one week. The first one is to a mean person's party but has great food and the second is to a sweet person's party but has nasty food. Which one would she rather attend?: She would pick the sweet person with the nasty food, as any other kind lady would.

6. Mrs. Sedicino can't take all of the noise that her second graders are causing. (This is a joke, Mrs. Sedicino would never act this way. Plus, her students are very good! ) She decides to sit down and listen to some relaxing music, but she can't make up her mind about using earbuds or headphones. Which one does she pick? She would wear headphones.

7. Art or Sports? She loves both!

8. Horror or fantasy? Mrs. Sedicino would pick fantasy.

9. Water skiing or skydiving? Mrs. Sedicino would pick water skiing!

10. Getting ready for the beginning of the school year, or wrapping up at the end? Mrs. Sedicino is relieved when she finishes another year.

11. Pink or Purple? She loves Pink!

12. Pickles or onions? Believe it or not, Mrs. Sedicino eats a jar of pickles each week!

13. Cleaning or preparing? Preparing is the way to go for Mrs. Sedicino!

14. Daydreaming or night dreaming? Mrs. Sedicino is a daydreamer!

Mrs. Sedicino wants you all to know, that she loves teaching, is very silly, makes sure that her students have fun, and has been teaching since 1997! That's it, folks! See ya next month at the Bulldog Gazette!

Spotlight On Our Terrific Teachers: Ms. Cahill ~ By: Stuti D. And Jalal A.

How much do you have in common with Mrs. Cahill? See if you have like preferences below in a series of WOULD YOU RATHER.

Would you rather...

1. Eat Sour Cream Spiders or Snail Cake?

2. Sing or Play an Instrument?

3. Watch Star Wars or Star Trek?

4. Use Slides or Docs?

5. Accept an Invitation to a mean person's party with great food or a nice person's party but has nasty food?

6. Use Earbuds or Headphones?

7.Have Art or Sports?

8. Horror or Fantasy?

9. Water ski or skydive?

10. Get ready for the beginning of the school year or Enjoy the end to it's fullest?

11. Prefer Pink or Purple?

12. Eat Pickles or Onions?

13. Clean or Prepare?

14. Daydream or night dream?

What would YOU choose?

Bye, and thank you, Mrs. Cahill, for taking the time to do this.


Kindergarten's Top Five: Movies ~ By: Ariana Aray

Hi! I had the pleasure of interviewing the Kindergarten classes to find out what the top 5 movies were. I had to ask all 3 kindergarten classes: Caruso A.M., Caruso P.M., And Mrs. Hreha's class.

The top five kindergarten movies are Inside out, Angry birds, Trolls, Sing, and Moana. The Lego Movie was also a favorite!

All of the kids in the classes were very cooperative. They all waited their turn, and they gave me great results! Thank you kindergarten because that's it! See you next month!

1st Grade Top Five: Sports ~ By: Pratham Kumar

It was my honor to interview the first graders for their favorite sport. The options were: Soccer, Baseball, Football, Tennis, and Volleyball

Soccer- 30

Baseball- 10

Football- 15

Tennis- 4


So, it looks like SOCCER is the favorite sport in Mrs. Bellusi's, Ms. Recchia's, Mrs. Morley's and Mrs. Garruto's classes!

The first graders were very cooperative and fun to work with.

2nd Grade Top Five: Ice Cream ~ By: Gabby Hammer, Ariana Aray, Jadyn Nisenson

It was a blast interviewing the second grade! We enjoyed finding out what their favorite ice cream was.

The top favorite ice cream was cookies and cream which had 37 votes. WOW! That's a large number of votes! The next favorite flavor of ice cream was chocolate with 11 votes. That's not that big of a number compared to cookies and cream! Mint was very close to the chocolate with 10 votes and vanilla not close behind with 9 votes. Last but not least strawberry got 7 votes.

This was a great experience finding out 2nd grades favorite ice cream! In total, 74 kids in the 2nd grade LOVE ice cream!

3rd Grade: Top 5 Authors - By: Stuti Desai

I had the honor of interviewing the ENTIRE third grade. It was SO MUCH FUN! I got approximately 30 responses for their favorite author, and I may have just found my new favorite book series!

In fifth place is (fanfare)... Ellen Myers. All of us probably have heard of the Puppy Place series. I like those books. If you want to read them they're about this one family who fosters dogs until the pups can find a better, newer, and more permanent home.

In fourth place are (applause)... Mary Pope Osborne and Roald Dahl. We've all heard of Roald Dahl, and his books are worth reading. I recommend watching the Matilda movie first. It is SO AWESOME. Mary Pope Osborne is one of the BEST fantasy authors EVER. I DEFINITELY will recommend Magic Tree House to third grade and below. (It gets kind of boring as you get older.)

In third place are (drumroll)... J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan. We've all heard of them. If you say that you have not heard of Harry Potter, I. WILL. EXPLODE. Percy Jackson and all the mythology books are definitely worth reading, and if you ever want to discuss the books, I'm sure my best friend, Ariana has time to listen.

In second place is (blast the party poppers)... Dr. Seuss. I KNOW that you have heard of him and that you can't possibly be surprised by this. How could he not be a favorite? He's got everything. Humor and a sense of learning and morals.


So, just wondering, do YOU know who your favorite author is. I can never choose. Like, when the Letters For Literature thing came, I'm like, uh, I like Rick Riordan, but I think I'd rather do J. K. Rowling. And, Hmm, what about Tui. T Sutherland or Katherine Paterson? So, it's really okay if you can't choose your favorite author. I totally get it.

Anyway, thanks to the incredible third grade. You guys are awesome. BYE!!! Happy Valentines Day!!

4th Grade Top Five: Gaming Consoles ~ By: Matthew Burke and Angadh Singh

We had the honor to interview our awesome 4th grade, students. We asked them what is your favorite gaming console. Our choices were Xbox, PS, Mac, Pc or other.

Xbox- 15

PS- 14

Mac- 7

PC- 7

Other- 24

So, as you can see, the OTHER category is the winner. By other, we mean a bunch of different gaming devices!

5th Grade Top Five: Social Media Sites ~ By: Jadyn Nisenson and Sydney Heltzer

We had a blast interviewing the amazing 5th-grade classes on their favorite social media.

The order of the favorite social media are Snapchat, with half of fifth grade voting for it. Then came Instagram with a little less. After came Musically. Then was other social media or no social media that had several votes. Last was Imessage or Call that had only a few votes lower than other social media or no social media. That was it for all the fifth grade social media favorites and we hope your favorite social media is listed!

Super Bowl LI... Super! ~ By: Kara Langbaum

Wow! What a historic Super Bowl with the New England Patriots making the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and defeating the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were down 21-3 at halftime when Lady Gaga rocked Houston, Texas for the halftime show. Then, the comeback began. In the middle of the third quarter, the Falcons scored another touchdown to make the score 28-3. Then the Patriots scored a touchdown with a missed extra point, a field goal and another touchdown with a 2 point conversion that put the Patriots 8 points behind the Falcons. A Falcons penalty gave the Patriots the ball with 3 minutes and 30 seconds to go, needing a touchdown and a 2 point conversion. While still needing 64 yards, Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots, threw a pass to wide receiver Julian Edelman. After the ball got deflected, he caught the ball off of a defenders shoe for a 23 yard gain. This set up a game-tying touchdown by running back James White and 2 point conversion by Danny Amendola. This caused the game to go into the first overtime in Super Bowl history. The Patriots got the ball at their own 25-yard line and drove down the field until the end zone was only 2 yards away. After an incomplete pass on first down (that was almost intercepted), James White ran into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown that capped the epic comeback! The Patriots scored 31 unanswered points in the last 21 minutes and 4 seconds of the game to win Super Bowl LI! Tom Brady was named MVP of the game after setting 7 Super Bowl records. What a historic and exciting game!

Pro / Con : An Editorial on Bottle Flipping ~ By: Ava Rewick and Gabby Hammer

Bottle Flipping has been a very recent international trend around the world. The objective is to flip the water bottle, the cap facing up. You need just the right amount of water in the bottle and a perfect flip. Many enjoy this game, while others don't and want to ban it for good. Here are some pros and cons for bottle flipping.

There are many pros to bottle flipping, here are some examples:

1. It is great for curing boredom.

2. It's very fun, and so many different possibilities!

3. It's educational because of the bottles rotational force when it is flipping!

4. You can do it anywhere you go if you have a water bottle with you.

5. One last thing is that there are many ways to avoid the potential mess such as:

-Gluing the cap to the water bottle

-pick water bottles with thicker plastic

-be careful and don't throw it too high and hard!

After reading all these reasons that bottle flipping should not be banned, do you like bottle flipping, or not?

There are also cons to this trend. Here are some examples:

1. First of all, bottle flipping can be very distracting. Many kids do this in between their classes and do not stay focused.

2. When you flip the bottle it slams when landing, making a pretty loud sound.

3. If the cap isn't screwed tightly, water can spill and cause a mess.

4. It can be very annoying having kids doing this every time they get a Poland Spring water bottle and have the right amount of water.

5. When flipping the water bottle, some kids put a lot of force into it and practically throw it. There is a chance it can hit someone and hurt them.

6. Now kids are flipping other things like yogurt, other beverages, and solid objects. It is getting out of control.

7. Because of bottle flipping, many children have gotten in trouble at school and at home a lot more than before this trend.

Therefore, bottle flipping is a very favored and popular game, but there are valid reasons why it should be banned. After reading this, do you like bottle flipping, or not?

Original February Poetry ~ By: Aadhithyaram Balaji

Hi, guys! For this issue, I wrote two Haiku poems, on Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. It was fun to write them, and I hope you will enjoy reading them.


Love is in the air.

Will you write a valentine?

It's the day of hearts.


It's Chinese New Year.

Twelve animal zodiacs.

Lunar calendar.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day!

All about Ms. Myers -Answers!

See if you got the right answers about Ms. Myers!

Ms. Myers' favorite color... Purple

Ms. Myers went to... Notre Dame

Ms. Myers' favorite ice cream is... Chocolate Chip Mint

Ms. Myers' favorite food is... All of the choices she had: Pizza, Pasta, Sushi

Ms. Myers played this sport in college... Rowing

Ms. Myers was a teacher for... 10 years

Ms. Myers' favorite Shel Silverstein book was... Where The Sidewalk Ends

Ms. Myers has been to... 30 States

Ms. Myers favorite shoe brand is... Nike

Ms. Myers has... 1 sibling

Drawing Contest ~ Due March 21st

For this month we are doing a drawing contest. The winning drawing will be in the next edition. The theme is JFK! Student Ambassadors want to see your creativity and how JFK inspires you in your drawing. We are looking for some interesting Bulldogs out there to see what you draw about JFK. Make sure you include your name and your class on the back of the paper. When you're done, please hand it in to either Jadyn Nisenson in 5-I or Kara Langbaum in 5-K. These drawings are due March 21, 2017.Good luck to all of our artists! We can't wait to see some interesting drawings!

If you have any questions, please see Kara or Jadyn.

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