Weekly Launch

May 8-12


Please remind your parents that we are a closed campus next week due to STAAR testing. If you need to schedule a conference on Thursday or Friday, that will be ok.

Please help each other out this next week. Blue room may not be available much on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be testing in every nook and cranny of the building. Please make sure your students are silent in the hallway.

Important Dates

May 8-STAAR 3rd/4th Math and 5th math retest

May 9-STAAR 3rd/4th reading and 5th reading retest

May 10-STAAR 5th science and 3rd/4th makeup

May 11-Makeups

May 12-Make ups

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Core Values

Word of the Week-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-office

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Word of the Week-Event

11 principles of Character Education

Principle 8-Effective character education engages the school staff as a learning and moral community that shares responsibility for character education and attempts to adhere to the same core values that guide the education of students.

Like students, adults grow in character by working collaboratively with each other and participating in decision making that improves the classrooms and school.

Just as teachers and students work to create caring and respectful communities in the classroom, faculty, administrators, and support staff should work to create such a community among themselves

The following paints a picture of influential teacher behaviors that manifest character:

-having a warm and friendly affect

-showing empathy and concern

-treating students equally, not showing reference

-speaking respectfully to students and staff

-following up on commitments

-refraining from speaking ill of others, not gossiping

-accentuating the positive in others

-not using sarcasm or put-downs

-being truthful and sincere

-upholding the school's norms, values, and guiding principles

-admitting mistakes and making amends

Shout Out!

Shout out to:

-Marti for an amazing 2nd grade program! We are so lucky to have her here at NPE!

-1st grade for surviving through Chick Days!

-Suzi for all the prep work that goes into getting ready for STAAR!

-PTA for a great week of treats!

-all our staff for being so wonderful! You are appreciated!

-Stephanie Hirsch and the whole Volunteer Breakfast crew! It looked amazing!!!


Thank you for all you do! These are just a few of the important things you do every day!

You take time to prepare meaningful lessons... even when you feel yourself dragging.

You provide encouragement and support to your colleagues when they're down.

You are kind to students when you see them... because you realize that may be the only kindness they experience all day.

You strive to motivate apathetic students. Sometimes your efforts don't seem to make a difference. But you keep trying... because that's what teachers do.

You supervise students at your duty and in the hallway in between classes. Your presence helps to deter mischief and ensures a more safe and orderly environment for our kids.

You spend countless hours grading papers... because you know that your feedback will help students grow.

You teach... and then you reteach... and sometimes tutor individually... because you realize not everyone gets it the first time (or even the second time).

You learn new ideas from your colleagues... and sometimes from the internet... because you are committed to being a better teacher tomorrow than you were today.

You work to create a positive classroom environment... because you know that is the best kind of environment in which to learn.

You try to connect with students who don't seem reachable... because you realize you may be their only lifeline.

You have patience with the students who may be disruptive and annoying... because you know that those students still need you.

You provide structure and organization in your classroom... because you know you may have students who don't have any at home.

You teach your kids the skills that will ensure they have a brighter future.

You strive to be the kind of teacher that you would want your own kids to have.

Teaching is such a hard job but it is one of the most rewarding jobs. I know you all are tired but we have to push on and continue the important work we all do! Thank you for your tireless effort!