By: Victor Milanes

His past

He is god of the underworld & the brother of Zeus. Although he is the god of the dead, he is NOT the god of death. Hermes is the messenger between the two places. He is very greedy & real strict with the dead. No one can leave. He also is the god of wealth.


He had a staff as his weapon. It had two prongs on his staff which sort of looks likes the devils staff. He & Poseidon had similar weapons.

What he did

His Zeus's & Poseidon's (brothers) father had been overthrown. So they drew lots to see who was ruler of what. He had drawn the worst one. He was ruler of the dead. But at least he was still the god of wealth. He has a helmet that makes him invincible & he, only on rare occasion, leaves the underworld. And, he even captured his own wife & made her marry him!

What he protected

He is protector of the underworld. He is miserable there because he got the worst share of the world. Zeus & Poseidon got the best, he was stuck all the way down there.