Music Producer

Producing sounds to inspire young artists.

Producers/Artists I aspire to be like:

What would I do as a producer?

As a music producer I would help create and record the music artists would use in their projects. Everything from the pre-production to post-production I would help in the process and do what I already love to do. Making beats and playing instruments like the piano.
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How do I envision my career getting started?

I see myself working for a record label and working my way up the ladder until I could eventually branch off and create my own record label. To get started, I would obviously need money. My starting position at a record label would provide me with the start up money over time, along with experience working within the industry.
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My Market would be the music lovers of America. Who doesn't love music? The market availability will never decrease, there is always the next big thing to be discovered, the next form of music to be created, to be sold. This is how I would make my money as a music producer.
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