Authors Background

By: Nico Rizzieri

Dr. Seuss's Background

This brave and intelligent man, fought as a hero in WWII and was considered a "mad man. "Dr. Seuss was a storyteller and created many different books for children and adults. He created magical and great stories made from his mind, and he made his stories so artistic, and enhanced his writing. Dr. Seuss had many influences in his life as well. Some influences were his family, friends, time he was living around, and disappointing times in his life. His childhood and themes also give many purposes to the way and how his books were shaped and based on.

Dr. Seuss Childhood

"Young Seuss enjoyed reading comics, writing funny poems, and drawing his own thought cartoons. He also played at the Forest Park Zoo because his father was a parks commissioner. He and his sister Marnie, were popular teenagers involved in many different activities." ( Furthermore, Dr. Seuss had a death in his family at a young age. One of his sisters, Henrietta, had pneumonia.

Common Themes Behind The Books

In addition, Dr. Seuss included many different varieties of themes throughout his books. The themes consisted from real events, perseverance in life, power of persuasion, and power of persistence. Overall, Dr. Seuss was a great influence and strong with his themes and words. He is a legend and made meaningful, life lesson stories for adults and children and changed the world of cartoons. He should never be forgotten as his books and themes have made kids laugh, and smile, and made adults smile, and think. In my mind, he is the most influential cartoon author that changed cartoons forever.