Jackie Robinson

Rudy Alcantar

what is this person famous for

Is baseball player Won the world series.

when was he born

Jackie robinson was born january 31,1919 in cairo, georgia.


Of jack roosevelt Robinson john muir high school pasadena junior college,university of california,los angeles.


Is he won m.v.p won a world series.

Quotable quote

What he said is theres not an american in this country free until every one of us is free.

something importaant

I learned is that he famous for what he did

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five facts

In 1982,jackie robinson became the first major league baseball player.Jackie robinson was 28 years old when he broke into the major leagues.In 1949,Jackie robinson led the national league in stolen bases and bating average.Jackie robinson older brother mack finished second to jesse owens in the 100-meter race.An outstanding athlete Jackie robinson was the first ever four sport letter winter at ucla.


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