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Your Fast Computer

Do you want your computer to just WORK again, like you remember when you first purchased it?

Have you been contemplating on giving up on your computer and purchasing another one?

Approximately how much of your time is:
  • Spent waiting for a webpage to load?
  • Wasted while waiting for your computer to start up?
  • Drained waiting for a program to load?

How Many clicks does it take you to get you to where you need to be on your computer?

Now Take Those Totals

Multiply that by hours in a day
Days in a week
Months in a year!

Are there people working for you?

Multiply that total by the number of people you have working for you!

THAT'S how much time is being wasted by not having a healthy and efficient computer.

THAT'S how much money is being spent by your employees by not having healthy and efficient computing systems.

THAT'S how much time is being wasted that is NOT being used by your business to help your customers and EARNING YOUR BUSINESS MONEY

I'm Rick Kirkham and I'll Take Care of This For You

  • I'm a self employed, so each customer will have a personalized experience with us.
  • I've Earned Dual Teaching Certificates at EIU
  • Been in computers since 1993

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