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Local Committee Meeting

Recently we had our LCM 3.0 aka Christmas Party! Apart from the food and fun that we had, we also had Denise as our guest. She gave us an informative talk on LEAD and those who went will now know what is a catalyst. Those who missed out, don't forget to get yourself updated!
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The Vote of Confidence (VoC) was held on 5 December 2015. It was the first AIESEC election for many of us, candidates and members alike. Congratulations to all LCP and LCVP candidates that have passed the VoC. They have shown the plenary their passion and vision that they want to strive for. You may find their application package here! All the best in their journey! #TheHerosJourney
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Talent Management (TM)

TLP Conference was held last Sunday, we had facilitators from other LC over to facilitate our team leaders' learning experiences.

TMers are also working on the bimonthly survey analysis and it will be out soon! So do stay tuned to Eat. Sleep. AIESEC for first-hand updates.


OGX Department are currently focusing on matching their EP with projects abroad. Also, they are preparing for Outgoing Preparation Seminar.

OGX has also achieved 2 realisations, a round of applause to them!


This month is all about matching! IGCP will be focusing on matching EP from other countries to the projects as well.


Allen, Allen, where are you?

IGTP are you up to some secret mission?


MarComm is currently focusing on increasing awareness on Youthspeak and encouraging more people to take initiatives to let their voice be heard.

Let's be action oriented and spend your 10 minutes to fill up the survey to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Find out more @YOUTHSPEAK and don't forget to change your cover photo to show your support!


FL department is currently collecting MyLDS delegate fees. Do remember to hand in your fees by cash to Kheng Yee or bank in the fees!
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Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS)

OPS is happening on 12 December 2015 ( Saturday ). So what is OPS?

OPS is a seminar to prepare EPs before they embark on their 6 weeks journey abroad.

MyLDS 2016

MyLDS will fall on 21 January 2016 to 26 January 2016. Are you ready for it?

MCP Election will also be held on 27 January 2016, you're welcomed to stay and witness the election. I'm sure it will be an eye-opening experience to all of you!

Looking for a leadership opportunity? Second round of Chief Delegate (CD) team application will be open soon!

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