Apple Mail Archive Application

Archive Apple Mail Database with Mail Backup X Tool

Archive Apple Mail files by date with the Mail Backup X Tool

Create Apple Mail archives by date using Mail Backup X with just a touch of a button.

The most capable and efficient tool for Apple Mail archiving by date is definitely Mail Backup X. It is a unique tool that was designed in a way that will leave you breathless. Powerful but easy to use are perfect the perfect words you can use to describe it.

Email data backup was made possible by this tool right here. This is the first tool that is capable of such feature. While the computers have backup files for their basic data, your emails are not safe in case of corruption. You can use it as an Apple Mail Backup tool Gmail, or Yahoo; those are online platforms, but offline ones are compatible as well. All what they required, is to work with IMAP.

  • Whole Backups

This is the only program that can backup such a wide range of email formats. As long as the email stores data with IMAP, it’s usable. It doesn’t matter if its Gmail or Yahoo mail, or an offline client like Apple Mail, or Thunderbird, they are all compatible. It’s a great and versatile tool for backing up Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac or any other emails client.

  • Export Format

Inevitably you will have to restore your data, and the chances are you will use a different client, and even if you don’t, you will still be able to import your backups. Any format is supported: MBOX, EML, EMLX, PST, RGE, even PDF and other formats.

  • Backup timing

The program allows you to set up a moment for the backup and it will update it at regular intervals or whenever you prefer. You can also choose to let it detect by itself any changes within your email accounts and update the data right in that moment. It's completely up to you when the program adds new information.

  • Distributed Backup

You will have your backups stored in multiple volumes so in case something happens the chances to lose major portions of your data are minimal. The distributed backups can be stored on other kind of locations as well, for example an USB drive or a DVD/CD, possibly a portable HDD or even to another computer with the help of a FTP.

  • Shadow Backups

Those are basically backups for the backups. If your main backup file gets damaged in any way, you will be able to restore it with the help of the mirror/shadow backup. The chances to have both backups damaged are very low, considering that even the shadow backup has its own backup. The email data is very light, that’s why we allowed ourselves to created several shadow backups for each.

  • Email restoration

When the time of restoring your emails will come, you will maybe want to recover only a small number of emails. Perhaps you don’t want to get your entire database back. You can do so very easily by using the “Search&Sort” function which will find your exact email that you are looking for, or even the entire batch of emails that you need.

This program is extremely powerful but it was designed to be easy to use. Because we use only the latest technologies, we developed competent but very simple utensils for you. The safety offered by this Apple Mail Backup tool is unmatched. You don’t have to worry anymore.