Amazonian Oil Drilling

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

The Problem

The Ecuadorian government needs money and to get it they have chosen to drill for oil in an Amazonian reserve, which is bad for the environment and the native people. There have been many protests recently towards the government's decision. Lastly, there have been many oil spills in the amazonian national park Yasuni, this is causing the local people to lose their homes.

Image source: BBC News


" Three oil fields in the park represent roughly a fifth of the country's 7.2 billion barrels of oil. Reserves could generate 7.7 billion dollars in about 10 years."

Source: "Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon is Dropped"

Right now in Ecuadorian jungles and rivers there has been many oil spills and pollution in the last 2 decades. Causing the local people to leave their home and desert part of their culture.

Source: "Oil Drilling in Ecuador"

In the Yasuni forest there have been 800 barrels of oil drilled, but that is the home of 2 Indian and Native tribes. This is the reason for most of the protests, because people are losing their home.

Source: Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon Dropped"

The Solution

My solution will fix as many problems as possible at this point. I propose that Ecuador and Texaco oil should keep drilling just in a more restricted area. This will, over time, get the Ecuadorian government the money they need, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and give some of the locals their home back. If the Yasuni locals can't get their home back, the government would work hard to relocate them to a very similar area. With the gained money the government could work to fix and clean up the areas affected by drilling. With my solution I believe that the economic growth is worth the costs because the government will be able to fix them in the end. Lets return Yasuni to the natural beauty it is!

Image Source: Scrape TV News