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Phase 1

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Dear course member,

The first week has finished! Just a little while longer and we will achieve a starting point. Then we are going to draw a line under the past and we are going to begin with the creation of your ultimate dream. But before we get to that we are going to make contact with everything that lies in your past. Did you accept your Imprint? Did you let go of everything that does not feel right anymore? Did you really get absolutely everything out of this exercise or are you leaving something out?

Be honest with yourself and try and achieve the maximum effect. The stronger your intentions, the bigger the result!

The best of luck during the forthcoming week!

From heart to heart


Your inner child

This week it is important to allow your inner child to come to the surface. The child that wants to play, discover and enjoy. The child that has disappeared into the background because of all the experiences in the past.

Log in to phase 1 with your password and see that there is an extra button with Extra meditation. Also I want to give you an extra exercise to make contact with your inner child: download the drawing of Imprint to colour in via the download page. Take a moment for yourself to make contact with your inner child, feel your child, and colour in the page with the colours. Just enjoy!