Local Boy Attemted Murder

the mouse in the jar mystery

in 1999 the story that was never told till now, there was four young boys (aged 6 to 10). They where going to school, on there way there saw a sweet shop, they went inside.

when they went inside they saw the most disscusting owner ever, her name was Mrs Pratchett , she had dirt all over her hands and her nails were like tiger claws.

the boys asked for candy she used her disscusting hands and pulled out the lollie from the jar. she put the lollies in a newspaper if she thinked they havent spent enough money at the shop.

one day the boys wanted revenge because mrs pratchett was the meanest person, at school they had a broken floor bored they hide stuff there wernt aloud at school like lollies and stuff.

one day they found a dead moue in it. one of the boys said " i know how were going to get revenge from Mrs Pratchett" one of the boys picked the mouse and put it in his pocket.

the next day the four boys was on there way to school, they made a plan. Two boys went into the sweet shop, one of the boys distracted her by asking for lollies and the other one was getting the mouse from his pocket, and put it into jars of lollies.

the next day they went pass the sweet shop, it was closed, they looked through the shops window, the jar with lollie that had the mouse in it was all droped on the floor, the light were off and everywhere inside was dark.

the boy that put the mouse in the jar felt gilty and he thought he gave her a heart attact and then she died.

when they were at school, the head master came and annoused into the speakers and said everyone come to the back ovel in one stright line, the four boys was curiours, they were outside at the back ovel.

the head master was in front of everyone, his face was really red, he look angry, then from behind the head master came mrs Pratchett. the boys were shocked to see her.

the boy that put the mouse in the jar neraly fanted.

with her dark brown eyes she looked at everyone. the head master said with a angry voice "which four of you boys went inside mrs Pratchett and put a mouse in one of her lollie jar!!!" no one spock.

mrs Pratchett look though the boys then finally, she found the four boys and said "there are the boys that came in my shop and put the mouse in the jar!!!".

the head master called them out and told them to "go to my office at once!". the boys went into his office. the head master hade a whip in his hand and said "bend over boi!'

one of the boys bent over, the head master said "im going to whip you all 7 times each!"

all you could hear was the whip! whip! whip!. you could hear mrs Pratchett laughing from the other room next door

one of the boys that got whip went home and had a shower his mum came and swa his bum that had red marks and everything, his mum said "oh no what happen" the boy said "the head mater hurt us with a whip" his mum said "im going to go in you school and talk to him"