Ski Camp

This site offers excellent ski training.

This site offers top quality ski training ensuring that our sportsmen develop, perform and enjoy when reducing threats. This work ethic has made it possible for all of us to ski for quite some time with the players, experiencing them expand as skiers, racers and people.
Our training expertise and methods in physical and technical conditioning for alpine skiing are the effect of numerous years of encounter working with sports athletes whatsoever levels, from the most basic to high performance.
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Ski Zenit’s coaching staff is formed by a group of experienced professionals that are always seeking the best training possible, regardless if it’s private training or a group training camp. Inside our staff we employ experienced race trainers and extremely high level ski instructors. This allows us to offer our more technical sportsmen with very professional technical and tactical training and our less skilled versions with serious encouragement in their specialized foundations and strategic simple information.
Ski Zenit can be a Swiss ski camping business committed to ski competition training for athletes of most levels, nationalities and ages.
Ski Camps manage from July to April using training expertise and methods in mental, technical and physical conditioning for alpine ski racers that happen to be the consequence of numerous years of expertise.
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