Recycle The Things In Your Trash

By: Ana Taverniti

  • Americans throw away enough trash to fill 82,000 football fields a year.
  • In just North Carolina people throw away $41,411,600 in plastic a year.
  • Plastic is a toxic substance that doesn't break down easily and can be recycled.
  • Millions of dollars in paper products are thrown away a year and more trees get cut down to replace that paper. If you recycle the paper less trees will be cut down.
  • Don't throw away your trash see if someone else wants.
  • People can make houses out of trash found in landfills, which can be used to house homeless and poor people who can't afford a house.
  • You can use certain things people throw in the trash to make stuff. Be creative and you can make things you wouldn't think possible with trash.
  • Recycle your glass, recycled glass can be used to make other glass products like windows or glass bottles.
  • Producing glass from new materials requires 30 percent more energy than producing it from crushed recycled glass.
  • The pollutants created in producing one ton of aluminum include 3,290 pounds of red mud, 2,900 pounds of carbon dioxide, 81 pounds of air pollutants and 789 pounds of solid wastes. Recycling aluminum can reduce the amount of those gasses and save the 90% of energy needed to make more aluminum.