Latin america gazette

by alec borneman

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Cuba's government

Cuba has a Communist government. Their president is Raul Castro, (also the dictator). in cuba people have to vote by law but it does not do anything have to do with the government. he has been (or supposed to) been limited to a 5 year term. A problem is that they have a large number of people trying to escape to Florida. And Cuba has made it illegal to leave the country. but the us will except anyone who makes it on their soil. but imagine being sent away from your home in 1959. many people are just coming back to cuba. This just a look at Cuba's government.

Cuba's physical features

some physical features are the royal palm. It reaches heights of 15 to 23 meters tall. Also the one I want to see is The national flower, the La Mariposa or butterfly Lily. Some of its pettles look like butterflys. And yet still another one or should I say many of them are the 600 flowering spices in Cuba. Also Cuba has a lot of caves. This truly is a is an amazing place. (Look down for the rest of article).


Mexico's environmental concerns.

Mexico,s environmental concerns are a lot,but one in particular is air pollution.they have it really bad because the Sierra madre mountain's.they block the poulition from blowing out. A way to stop this could be to reduce use of cars and reduction of factories. Another solution is plant more plants. Also making it look nice like flowers or a nice shady tree. Do this because what happens is that they can take in more carbon dioxide and produce more clean air. Even another way could be to go solar more. Also making yourhome More efficient, there are currently 100% solar homes. These are just some of the ways to help air pollution be reduced.

Mexico's econmy

Mexico economy is the 15th largest in the world! But because bieng so large they do havea lotof poverty and Mexico has very poor people. top three trading partners are the us., Canada, and china. Their top import is refined petroleum from the united states. (Refined petroulim islike gas for your car). Their literacy percent is 95.1%. (That is good i did say about poor people but they are not the worst). And their GDP is 1.28 trillion. They also have unemployment rate of 4.9%.(still really good)


Brazil's government

Brazil's president is dilma rousseff. The capitol is in brasilia.

her term is 4 years. There government is a federal government.( Hince president). One problem with Brazil is there is deforesting the amazon. However the goverment takes bribes to do nothing about it. Many take and participate forgery to get money.

Brazil's physical features

Brazil has some amazing features all the way from jungles to rivers. One i want to see is the amazon river. It is one of the longest rivers in the world! Another one is the amazon rain forest. And still one is the iguana falls. The longest water fall in Brazil. They're 64 meters high!

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