Roman Entertainment

by:Lauren Albertz

The coliseum could hold 70,000 people

In the coliseum , you could find that the building was built to last. It was built to hold 70,000 people and some people were not lucky enough to sit, only 45,000 people were able to have a seat and enjoy the show.
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What goes on in the coliseum?

in the coliseum, the ancient Romans gathered to watch bloody combat between people (gladiators) and animals. Sometimes, people threw other people into the lions.
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racing in ancient rome

The people in ancient Rome loved chariot racing. Young nobles used to race their chariot around the 7 hills of Rome. They stopped for nobody. The ancient Romans built the Circus Maximus in the city of Rome. The Maximus was a race track designed to race chariots. When people attended, the women were allowed to attend and they could also sit next to men, which was rare. The original Circus Maximus was made out of wood and it had burnt down a few times.
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